If you've ever worked in hospitality, you know it's not easy to handle. Assuring quality customer service and making sure your guests are 100% satisfied is more difficult than it seems.

The Moxies life is quite popular amongst individuals working in the restaurant business all across Canada. Whether you’ve worked as a hostess, server, bartender or in the kitchen, here’s a list of "struggles" all Moxies employees know to be true:

1. When people come in for water and a bite size White Chocolate Brownie.

Following with a "Can you split the bill?" -  that comes up to $4.00.

2. But then you discover the White Chocolate Brownie is 86'ed.

And you have to deliver the news to your tables, and you KNOW they only came for it.

3. When someone orders a Loaded Burger with absolutely nothing on it.

"Is that an allergy or a preference?" "If it's mild, I can handle it myself, but if it's severe I'll need to have a manager check in with you."

4. "I'll have the Herb Chicken Alfredo with no chicken and no Alfredo sauce...

Substitute that with rose sauce, oh and I have a dairy allergy." - You're joking right?

5. When someone orders the Beef Vindaloo you specifically warn them it might be too spicy for them.

And it follows with a complain that it's too spicy. 

6. When your pen goes magically missing

And you blame no one but yourself for leaving it at the table or lending it to another server...

7. A customer will be super frustrated if you don't warn them that...

The Sirloin Compound Prawn & Lobster Butter steak - does not actually have pieces of prawns or lobster.

8. Running out of Bellinis on Thursdays...

The bartender on duty loses their mind because there wasn't enough pre-batched. 

9. "Is there any alcohol in the Bellini?"

Yes the mix is pre batched. "So can I get it virgin?" - Really?

10. And a guest will ask you for an extra gummy frog.

So orrder another Bellini then. 

11. Punching in a pitcher of white zin sangria, an old fashioned and a grapefruit Mojito...

You know the bartenders hate you. 

12. Being asked for more napkins... more ketchup and then a water refill...all at separate times.

Why couldn't you just ask for everything right away? 

13. Having to explain to your table that you cannot split items.

But then you are asked to calculate 15 different bills. 

14. During brunch a customer will ask...

"Do you have any smoothies?" - Noooopeeee.

15.  Forgetting to punch in an order because you're completely slammed.

And having to memo "ON THE SUPER FLYYYYY" to the kitchen.

16. “The ‘excitement' you get when you have to serve a party of 30.”

Hey, at least gratuity is included…

17. When the customer doesn’t understand the prices on the menu.

"What are these fractions beside the items?" 

18. When you're about to send an order for a party of 18...

And then the POSI glitches - *SYSTEM UPDATE* comes your way.

19. Monday wing nights are the bane of every lounge server's existence.

You really pray for good luck and for wings to be 86'ed as fast as possible.  

20. Having to put the chairs up or down...

If you're opening or closing. 

21. Burning the crap out of your hands

While you carry the nachos or enchiladas because you didn't grab the right cloth.

22. When you forget your notepad at home.

Once again, you only blame yourself.

23. "Would you like to Moxie-size your drink?"

This follows with a very confused facial expression from the guest pondering what it means. 

24. If a guest questions whether or not the Euro glass is the same size as the Amber glass.

*Cough cough* - the Euro glass actually holds slightly more!

25. When a customer says “you have this item” but really, it's not on the menu.


26.  When guests ask for Avocado Spring Rolls.

How do you even remember that? They've been gone from the menu for 4 years.

27. When the slushy machine has technical difficulties.

And it doesn’t actually freeze.

28. The realization of having to wear high heels as a female server when you first get hired.

Your feet are destroyed at the end of every shift for the first 6 months. But then, when you finally get used to them, it hurts to wear flats.

29. Being on wine glass duty on half price wine day...

And you’re convinced somebody is out to get you. 

30. Polishing cutlery and side duties...

Is the last thing you want to do after a double shift. 

31. The feeling when someone comes in 30 minutes before last call…

They obviously decide to order a 3 course meal and a well-done steak.

32. Teaspoons are an endangered species.

So you provide guests with forks and soup spoons instead. 

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