Let's face it, we love our baes. We love going out. But we don't love dropping a couple hundred dollars on one evening. Especially on things or activities or foods that we could easily make/do at home. 

Staying home is the best. You don't have to dress up, wait in any lines, or commute/drive around while still spending time with one of your favourite peeps. What a wonderful way to live. 

To those XL haters who say that staying home is boring, tune right in. We are about to educate you in the ways of mastering the at-home date. 

Food Dates

Play Dates

Activity Dates

For food dates, click next! 

1. Have a living-room picnic

Set out some pillows, blankets, and hop on your favourite delivery app for a stress-free dinner date. 

2. Beer tasting for two

Pick up an assorted pack of craft beer and sample your favs together. 

3. Sunday sundae bar 

Okay, so it doesn't have to be on a Sunday but you could totally set up sprinkles, sauces, mixins and assorted flavours to make-your-own Menchies style bowls. 

4. Make sushi together

This is an event on its own - why not do it with bae? Pick up your favourite fish or vegetable options and roll on out.

5. Wine and cheeeese for the camera 

Set up a super nice meat & cheese board. Pour two glasses of wine. Instagram, eat, and cuddle into your food comas. 

6. Roast marshmellows over a fire 

Or burner, or oven! Live your best, roasting life!! Make some smores for something sticky and sweet. 

7. Roll out some dough for a homemade pizza

This is a great way to make sure you both get the za you deserve. None of that half and half bullshit. 

8. Do a "Chopped" style challenge 

Pick baskets of food for eachother and set a timer. Anything more than 30 minutes is too generous. Loser has to pay for your real dinner. 

9. Fon-do it

Pick your poison - chocolate or cheese. 

10. Do a blind taste test

This can be as PG or rated R as you want. Have your partner guess what food they're tasting, from some strange food options or some classics in strange places...

11. Have a theme night

Pick a place and cook up their cuisine for a challenge. 

For Play Dates, Click Next 

1. Bust out some board games 

Fk Snakes and Lattes, cozy up with your own favourite food & drinks for a nostalgic time together. 

2. Get out a game console

Nintendo? Xbox? Playstation? Competing creates a bit of an edge. What kinda prize are y'all playing for?

3. Strip...poker 

Because sometimes, it's good to find an excuse

4. All dressed up and no where to go

Dress super fancy for a dinner with just the two of you. Then dress down.

5. Play two-truths and a lie

How well do you really know eachother, anyways?

6. Out of character

Do a little role play to spice things up. 

7. Swap dream vacations

Where you'd go, what you'd do, where you'd...you know

8. Make a blanket fort 

Bc cozy gang. And also, bc lit. 

9. Toss around a baseball

Or pass a frisbee back and forth, weather & setting permitted. 

For Activity Dates, click next

1. DVR your favourite sports game 

Grab some beers and pop some popcorn for full effect

2. Put on a Youtube dance class

Salsa? Merengue? Whatever, just make it sexy.

3. Set up a good ol'sheet projector

Play a movie or show on a sheet or wall! 

4. Pop some records on

Swap your favourite vinyl and mix up some cocktails for a warm n cozy feel.

5. Draw a bubble bath for two a la Monica and Chandler

"Chicken? I could eat some chicken." 

6. Stargaze in the backyard

Blankets. Beers. Battlestar Galactica. 

7. Camp in the kitchen

Bc why not camp somewhere warm and dry?

8. Get some oils and play masseuse

Knotty arentcha?

9. Binge watch a new series

Cuddle buddies for LIFE. 

10. Get dolled up for a selfie-sesh

You need new pictures together, duhhhh. 

11. Exchange weird crafts

Pick up random supplies from the dollar store and fashion them into little love tokens. 

12. Make eachother mixtapes

Or Spotify playlists if you're not a yung rap god. 

13. Nama-slay a couple's yoga vid on Youtube

Couldn't hurt to get a little bendier, right?

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