By now, we know that navigating the dating world is really fvcking hard. But being in a relationship isn't much easier. Even once you get comfortable with your S.O, there are certain things that you just can't say.

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For all you girlfriends who regularly put your foot in your mouth, you can take comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Here are 37 thoughts that all girls in a relationship have had at least once, but will never admit to.

When you start dating:

I guess I have to stop wearing padded bras so that I don't get his hopes up.

Before the second date:

We literally said everything there is to say on the first date. This is gonna be awkward AF.

When you have your first kiss:

Okaaayy that's a little too much tongue. Okay way too much.

When he talks about his ex:

*You've memorized all of her profile pics since 2008* What was her name again? Just forget about her!

When he tells you he loves you first:

VICTORY! I'm glad I kept it in for the past 2 months.

When you visit his bachelor pad:

Remind me to never take a bath here.

When you spend the night at his for the first time:

How do I sneak out of bed and put on some "I woke up like this" makeup without him noticing?

When he brings up living together:

FINALLLY. How long did he expect me to pack an overnight bag every weekend?

When you meet his friends for the first time:

Is it bad that I hope they think I'm hot?

 When you meet his work/school friends for the first time:

Um, who's the pretty girl?

When you start being comfortable around him:

"I can definitely wait another week before getting a wax, right?

When you have no clean underwear that's cute:

*Putting on stained granny panties* It's fine, he won't even notice.

When you take over an hour getting ready:

If he doesn't compliment me, I'm gonna be pissed.

When you're realllly jealous:

Okay, what's something negative about her that I can casually bring up around him?

When girls look at him when you're out together:

He's MINE. Muahaha.

When he wears his "Transformers" shirt (or any other horrible item of clothing):

How am I going to go about this...burning or bleaching it?

When you do the dishes again:

Really, you couldn't have let go of your video games for two minutes?

When he asks you for a foot massage:

I kind of want to vomit.

When you talk about your future kids:

I hope they get my nose.

When he goes on about his favourite sport/team:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

When he's really excited for you to taste his favourite craft beer/whiskey:

This is the most disgusting thing I've ever tried in my life.

When you tell him his friend looks good:

????? ??????

When he tells you that your friend looks good:

That b*tch.

When you start to settle into a routine:

The butterflies I used to have have left for the Botanical Gardens.

When it's that time of the month and you're feeling horny:

I'll just pretend it's almost over and see if he believes me.

When he's a bit distant because he's really busy with his job/school/family stuff.


When he offers to pay for dinner (yet again):

*Internally cheers.*

When you eye your Christmas presents under the tree:

*Panics* What box here is big enough to fit the bag that I so clearly hinted about??

When you really want him to come see the latest Nicholas Sparks movie with you but you know he hates them:

I could suggest an exchange for sex?

When he tells you you're beautiful while you haven't washed your hair in three days, you're in your PJs and you have a pimple.

I don't believe you but marry me.

When it's been 4 hours and he hasn't returned:

He's dead. *Cries for his death.* He doesn't love me anymore. *Curses Cupid for making me fall so hard.* He met someone else. *Places a hex on the evil girl who stole my BF away.*

When he texts you something cute out of the blue for the first time in 3 months:

Welcome back, butterflies!

When he cuts his hair too short:

*Googles how quickly men's hair grows back.*

When he's driving and acts like he knows the right directions

I'm just gonna pretend to be texting while regularly checking Google Maps.

When he surprises you with flowers or something else cute:

Yup, I hit the jackpot.

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