So, you're thinking about moving to Toronto huh? Well, that may be the best decision you will ever make. After all, it is a pretty great city. This past year alone, Toronto was ranked the third best city to live and work in, the top city for surviving climate change, the third safest city in Canada, plus it was the second hottest city in the world - they mean temperature wise but you can interpret it however you like.

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But before you move to Toronto, you should know a few important things than just statistics. Read on for 42 things you will never know about Toronto unless you actually move here - those who don't will never understand.

1. The TTC isn't actually that bad...

2. But some days, when there are delays and it is overcrowded, you will despise it.

3. You will be judged for liking mainstream coffee.

4. Not getting your coffee at one of these places is frowned upon.

5. Shopping on Queen Street West is better than any mall (sorry Eaton Centre).

6. Bay Street is a mini Wall Street.

7. Drivers hate cyclists and cyclists hate drivers.

8. Rush hour in Toronto is like any other city's rush hour multiplied by ten.

9. Toronto is so diverse and friendly anyone can fit in here.

10. King Street West is the place to go out any night of the week.

11. Being West is way better than being East.

12. Buy a house in Toronto actually costs a billion dollars - give or take a bit.

13. Realistically, you can barely afford your rent so buying will never be an option.

14. In Toronto there is summer and then there is festival season - two very different things.

15. Patio season is not limited to summer - heated patios are a thing during the fall months.

16. Winter is literally too cold to handle.

17. Construction season is year round.

18. Everyone has a pet dog and it makes you want one even more.

19. Sunday brunch is a type of religion in Toronto...

20. And you will most likely have to make a reservation at the best spots such as Wish, School and Figo if you want to get in.

21. La Carnita tacos are basically a religion in Toronto as well.

22. Everyone will say the Toronto Christmas Market is lame, but they will go anyways because they secretly love it.

23. La Cubana is the place for sandwiches.

24. And Bang Bang is the place for ice cream sandwiches.

25. Everyone either knows The Weeknd or someone from Degrassi (or both).

26. Rooting for Toronto sports teams is an emotional rollercoaster that you refuse to get off of.

27. "We The North" is a mantra Torontonians swear and live by.

28. Torontonians always arrive late to parties...

29. And then leave when the party is in full swing.

30. Hanmoto is a favourite for late-night eats...

31. And so is Bar Raval.

32. Torontonians will freak out if you are standing on the left side of the escalator.

33. Uber is literally everything to Torontonians.

34. Toronto bars will use any and every city event as an excuse to stay open until 4 a.m.

35. But we obviously love 4 a.m. last call and aren't mad about it.

36. Cottage weekends are a lifestyle.

37. Celebrating one's birthday in Toronto is a big deal.

38. Torontonians don't explicitly say "I love you."

39. You can meet someone new everyday of the week.

40. Meeting a Toronto Mr. Grey is also a real possibility.

41. Everyone in Toronto thinks they are better than everyone else in Toronto.

42. And anyone who hates on Torontonians just doesn't get it.

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