With Winter here to stay and December's holiday festivities officially in full swing, it's about time we acknowledge that we've got only one short month of 2017 left before we move onto 2018! It feels as though these past 11 months have flown by, and with living in the city there are a ton of things that have gone down this past year. From Drake's drop ins to other non-celebrity events that have happened around the city, it's no surprise that a city full of action has a ton to have recapped by the end of the year. 

So let's recap on the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Toronto. From exciting, memorable events and festivities throughout the year to some hilarious and controversial moments. Just click on the months you want to scope out for an overview to see how many iconic moments of 2017 you can remember! 

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The annual Cochrane winter carnival.

This gorgeous festival that takes place in Ontario is always a gorgeous spectacle. This past Winter fellow Northern Ontarians gathered to take part in a torchlight parade that eventually lead to a massive bonfire taking place surrounding by a Winter Wonderland!

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The Ontario government offering free tuition to over 200,000 students.

2017 was a big year for hundreds of thousands of Ontario students considering the changes made with OSAP this past year. Earlier in the year the student funding program gave out free tuition to an impressive 200,000+ students!

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Escobar opening in Toronto.

This secret bar quickly lost it's cover practically as soon as it opened considering how popular it is. While you still need a password to get in, the search is definitely worth it considering how much fun the spot is- plus they've got a neon LED sign, what more could you ask for?!

Ripley's unveiling their "swim with the sting rays" feature at the aquarium.

Ripley's aquarium came out with an incredible interactive feature that had everybody in the city talking! Instead of just watching the swim rays swim around a tank, in February it was announced that you could now swim with them!


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Eglinton being named Toronto's most dangerous street.

A Metro report surfaced this past year claiming that Eglinton Avenue was the city's most dangerous street considering the amount of pedestrian deaths that had accumulated in the past year. Over the course of 2016, eight pedestrians had died. Hopefully the 2017 report will show less deaths have happened this year!

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Highway 401 being named the worst highway in Canada.

If you drive on the 401, you definitely didn't need this article to tell you that it's the worst highway ever. Though you probably didn't know that you actually aren't being overdramatic when you think that, considering it was crowned the worst highway in Canada during this month of 2017!

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The Toronto film maker that died during the filming of his documentary.

It's insane to think that it's been so long since Toronto film maker, Rob Stewart's body was found by a coast guard after he had been announced missing during the filming of his documentary. Since the tragic death the city has unveiled a painted mural by Opus Restaurant to pay tribute to the late film maker.

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The massive fire at Yonge and St. Clair.

If you live or work in the Yonge and St Clair area, you definitely remember the massive fire that happened at the Badminton and Racquet Club of Toronto. While the fire was quickly contained and extinguished, there was some serious damage that came from it.

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Discovering this adorable dog café!

We couldn't help but get ridiculously excited over the discovery of this adorable dog café! Not only is their menu incredible, but the fact that you could bring your furry four legged friend with you for a lunch date made it the perfect spot after a long walk around the city!

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Jollibee's Scarborough location being announced.

Filipinos across the GTA rejoiced at this news announced earlier this year. The popular Filipino food chain announced their plans to expand into the GTA with their Kennedy Commons location being confirmed!

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Jessica Chastain visiting Toronto for filming of "Molly's Game."

Toronto lived up to it's name "Hollywood of the North" more than usual in 2017. Apart from the usual list of stars who visit during TIFF season, in the Spring we got a visit from 2 time oscar nominated Jessica Chastain while she was filming for "Molly's Game," which at the time was being shot in Toronto.

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Toronto ranking as one of the cities with the best restaurants in Canada!

I mean, if you are a hardcore foodie or dabble in the Toronto foodie scene, this definitely isn't news for you. The Toronto food scene is absoloutely incredible, whether you want Thai, Chinese, Italian or anything else you could possible imagine, there is definitely an incredible range of delicious restaurants to choose from!

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This Toronto café unveiling the most adorable way to drink bubble tea ever.

Royaltea took 'hipster' to an entirely new level earlier this year. They combined the trendy drink, bubble tea, with a crazy unique way to drink them- out of light bulbs! The adorable feature instantly became crazy popular on Instagram and still has people trekking to take a sip from their very only light bulb!

The Elora Quarry opening for the season.

It didn't take long for swimmers to rejoice in the warm-ish weather by visiting the gorgeous Ontario swimming spot that is Elora Quarry! For the crystal waters to the surrounding shores, the scenic spot is always a must-visit during the Spring and Summer.


The never ending snow storms that continued to hit the city.

Who can forget the Winter that just wouldn't end last year, while just remembering it is probably giving you the chills, you can't deny how gorgeous the city looks with a sheet of fresh snow covering it!

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..And the insanely cold weather that still haunted us in the Spring.

Of course Torontonians are no stranger to the fact that Winter is a very cold and very long season in the city. It doesn't matter how much you bundle up, once that breeze from the harbourfront hits- you're a goner!

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The unveiling of Berczy Park's adorable dog fountain.

Berczy Park by St. Lawrence Market got an adorable face lift when their dog fountain was unveiled earlier this year. The foundation features small dog statues all over it and makes for the perfect way to pay tribute to all the four legged friends that visit the green space day after day!

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Drake's OVO store finally opening in Yorkdale.

Drake fans and OVO sound fans alike went insane for the opening of OVO's Yorkdale location. The line ups were absolutely insane for the rapper's merchandise from crew necks to hats!

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The cherry blossoms blooming in Kariya Park.

With April showers gone and May flowers arriving, if there was any spot that was in full bloom and was a place to write home about, it was definitely Kariya Park. The park was practically flooded with Cherry Blossoms throughout May and was a gorgeous sight to see!

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Halal guys finally opening in Toronto.

The popular New York fast food chain's entrance into the Canadian market definitely wasn't a quiet one. Practically everybody was talking about and hyping up their first flagship restaurant that arrived in the city early May. Since then the spot is still crazy popular and of course serves up the delicious food everyone expected it to!

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Drake crashing City Hall's Canada 150 event.

What's a 150 celebration without a Canadian party crasher? In true Drake fashion, the popular rapper surprised fans and attendees at the free concert that also featured acts like DVSN, when he arrived on the stage at Nathan Phillips square. He made sure to share some love about our home and native land before jumping into a crazy three song set that set the stage on fire!

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The opening of the Muskoka Plunge at Canada's Wonderland.

Toronto thrill seekers were hit with a brand new and crazy impressive addition to Canada's Wonderland this past Summer that still has people talking! The insane 60 foot tall waterslide was available during the 2017 season and earned some crazy appreciation from park goers.


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The Toronto Islands flooding.

The Toronto Islands flooding was one of the coolest but most tragic events that hit the city this past year. Cool because of the incredible shots that photographers captured, but mostly tragic considering the residents as well as the closing of the spot for the majority of the Summer.

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Justin Bieber canceling his Toronto stadium tour date.

The world-wide pop star's cancellation of his stadium tour crushed the hearts of millions of beliebers across the globe. While we're glad the Canadian singer did it in favour of his mental health, we can't help but still be a little sad we couldn't hear 'Sorry' live just one last time.

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The insane Mario Kart race car track announcement.

The announcement of a Mario Kart themed race track in Niagara sparked the attention of practically the entire GTA this past Summer. While the race track was still in the process of construction at that point, it is now slated to open in Spring of 2018 so get ready to start your engines!

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Lady Gaga announcing a private performance in Toronto.

Lady Gaga gave Toronto monsters a special surprise in honour of her Netflix documentary's release, 'Gaga: Five Foot Two,' this past year. The star hit up the Princess of Wales Theatre in early September during TIFF shortly after the announcement while her and fans sit in on the premier of the documentary.

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Wifi finally being offered at all TTC stops.

It was during this past Summer that the TTC finally started offering WI-FI for all TTC stops regardless of which line you were on. Before, the struggle was real if you weren't on the yellow line considering it was the only part of the TTC that offered WI-FI, but now Torontonians across the city are able to stay connected during their commute!

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Toronto ranking as one of the most innovative cities in the world.

Toronto was raking in a ton of positive nods from across the globe, and this Summer they grabbed a spot as one of the most innovative cities in the world! It comes as no surprise considering how fast this city is building itself but being placed in the ranks of cities like New York, London and San Francisco was definitely a big compliment!

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University of Toronto ranking in the top 100 in the world.

Another positive nod for UofT, as well as 4 other Canadian universities! University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Mcgill and McMaster all took top spots in the top 100 across the world earlier this year ranking from 22nd to 78th and we couldn't be more excited!


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Shawn Mendes getting roughed up by Drake's bodyguard.

While this definitely was hilarious for us, I'm sure this definitely wasn't one of Mende's 'best' moments of the year. The Pickering singer was confused for a fan by Drake's body guard and ended up getting pinned against a wall before the Canadian rapper noticed and called off his guard!

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The Pearson airport strike.

The strike at Pearson was a crazy stressful time for workers and fliers alike. From the dramatic exit of 700 baggage handlers on job to the volatile environment in the airport in general, it definitely was a stressful time to fly during the Summer!

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The CN Tower catching fire.

Shit was hot up in the 6ix this past Summer... literally. Who can forget when the city's landmark randomly set on fire and boasting an insane reddish glow during the early hours of August 16th?! Thankfully the fire was put out quickly, but it definitely was a scary morning for many downtown!

That insane fight at No Frills.

A crazy fight captured outside of a No Frills in Scarborough went viral online this past Summer. Unfortunately, the dramatics were over nothing more than a mere parking spot! While it definitely was an event way too dramatic than necessary, it was still hilarious to watch!

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Toronto's first women's only work space being opened.

Toronto welcomed a new work space that not only was for women only, but was seriously gorgeous! The spot is still thriving and has become wildly popular not only for it's exclusivity but also for it's adorable design elements throughout!

That random Toronto woman grabbing George Clooney's chin at TIFF.

There truly wasn't a more iconic moment from this year's TIFF than when a random old lady grabbed A-lister George Clooney's chin while on the red carpet. The star was walking the carpet for Downsizing and while greeting fans, got a more unconventional greeting from an older fan.

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LYFT announcing their plans to create a Toronto office.

UBER's monopoly on the ride sharing service in Toronto finally began to come into question these past months after LYFT announced their desire to branch into the Canadian market, specifically Toronto! With thousands of Torontonians spouting concerns with UBER, this surely is some good news for many city-goers that there is a new service coming soon!

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first public appearance at the Invictus games.

What better city for the newest royal couple to make their first official appearance than in Toronto?! The two royal love birds were finally officially spotted together at the Invictus games taking in a sporting match and the photos are just too cute.

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When Fran's turned into Pop Tate's from Riverdale.

Toronto got a taste of Riverdale in light of the series' newest season on Netflix thanks to none other than local diner, Frans! The well loved spot turned into Pop tate's iconic diner for the night, serving up vanilla and chocolate milk shakes as well as an adorable photo-op spot with Riverdale varsity jackets!


That controversial ad being put up around the York Region by York University.

York University got off to a rough start this school year after they posted some seriously controversial advertisements throughout the York Region in favour of responsible drinking. The slogans "Don't try to keep up with the guys" and "It's not just about keeping an eye on your drink, but how much you drink" sparked outrage considering the victim-blaming undertone of the message.

Roy Halladay's death.

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When the well loved retired Toronto Blue Jay's player died in a tragic air crash, the entire city came together to mourn the baseball star.

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The Ontario college strike.

Were you even living in Ontario these past few months if you hadn't heard about the college strike? The ridiculously long strike was the talk of every news outlet and caused some major controversy in regards to how colleges handled the protesting parties.

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