It's that time of year again.  Time to leave our warm laptops and go out into the world of curious family members, talkative strangers and inappropriate co-workers—the season of holiday parties has arrived!

Holiday cheer isn't for everyone...sometimes you just want to get wasted, you know?  Whether you're playing alone or with friends/family, if you find yourself in any of these situations this holiday season, grab your glass of eggnog because the Christmas tree isn't the only thing that's about to get lit.

Christmas with your family:

Take a drink every time...

      • You get asked how school is going.
      • You get asked if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
      • A relative says something racist.
      • Someone pretends to like a present they received.
      • Someone complains about the food that's served.

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Christmas with your significant other's family:

Take a drink every time...

      • You feel awkward.
      • Someone jokes about marriage or babies.
      • You feel the need to offer help in the kitchen.
      • You receive a gift and have to over-exaggerate how much you like it.
      • Someone tells a story about someone in the family who you don't know and you have to pretend to care.

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Christmas party with friends:

Take a drink if...

      • It's an ugly Christmas sweater party.
      • It's an ugly Christmas sweater party and someone has the Holiday Bling Christmas sweater.
      • Someone switches the Christmas music to gangsta rap.
      • You are forced to play Cards Against Humanity against your will.
      • You see someone you have hooked up with or an ex.
      • You see someone you have hooked up with or an ex with a date and their date is legitimately a bit hotter than you.  Then chug the rest of your drink and cry (optional).

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Work Christmas party:

Take a drink if...

      • You get hit on by a co-worker.
      • You get hit on by your boss.
      • You feel unexpectedly sexually attracted to a co-worker.
      • Someone tells you gossip about another co-worker.
      • Someone tells you that you are "fun when you drink."
      • Someone gets so inappropriately drunk that you will never be able to look at them the same way again.

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Maybe you prefer to stay inside on Christmas and avoid all social interaction.  That's okay you can still play this game!

Christmas on social media:

Take a drink every time...

      • Someone posts a photo of their gifts with the caption #blessed.
      • A girl posts a photo of a gift from her boyfriend and it is a Tiffany's necklace.
      • Someone posts a family photo and everyone is wearing matching sweaters.
      • Someone sends you a snapchat wishing you a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.
      • You receive a Tinder/Bumble message asking how your Christmas is going.

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Happy drinking!

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