Last week was my birthday, so I don't need to explain that it was rough on my body. My friends and I rented a cottage, and did nothing but drink the entire weekend.?

I woke up on Sunday with anxiety, some stomach pain and a serious headache. To feel better, I decided to eat clean this week and to stay away from alcohol.

But since all I can currently think about is my after-work glass of wine, I decided to motivate my cleanse and see what happens to your body after two weeks of not drinking.

Here's what I found out: 

1. At first, you will be super tired.

Monday and Tuesday were the worst mornings of my life. I was SOOO tired that I didn't even know where I was when I woke up. It's totally normal to feel bad at first, since alcohol is transformed into sugar by body, which in itself demands a lot of energy. This feeling will disappear.

2. Then, you will have more energy and sleep better.

Drinking alcohol mistakenly makes you think that you sleep better. It's quite the contrary. Alcohol interrupts sleep stages and ensures that you wake up more tired than the day before. I slept like a baby last night and I was feeling super good at 7 am this morning.

3. Your skin will look better

I actually noticed it in the mirror this morning. I have way less imperfections than last week, and I look more rested. Alcohol leaves your skin dehydrated and an excessive consumption can cause acne, redness and irritation.

4. You will see more gym progress

As mentioned earlier, wine turns into sugar and we all know that this is what makes us gain weight. It was also shown that alcohol taken in large quantities and regularly slows muscle development and cancels somehow all the work you did at the gym for sooo long.

5. You'll have a better concentration

It's an evil circle: the more you drink, the less you sleep, the less you feel like exercising and the more your body is busy trying to expel all the alcohol.

Let's drink to that! ?

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