Let's be real, Toronto is a pretty amazing city.  Although, sometimes we tend to take it for granted.  Yes, the TTC can suck, and sometimes the winters are so cold that you don't even want to go outside.

But realistically, we live in one of the most diverse, clean and beautiful cities in the world.  In the grand scheme of things, there really isn't that much to hate about Toronto.  So it's time to stop complaining and start boasting about how awesome our city truly is!

If you're looking for 50 more little reasons to love Toronto, feel free to peep the list below :)!

1. The Bay's holiday windows

2. The fact that your go-to winter attire can be pretty cute because our winters are not actually that bad

3. Being able to grab a Clapansky's sandwiches when you're craving the perfect comfort food

4. The twinkle lights all over the Distillery District

5. The fact that it's totally acceptable to go out for dinner at 11 PM

6.  Toronto is incredibly clean in comparison to other large cities

7. How many cute dogs are all over Liberty Village

8. Toronto's coffee culture is incredibly strong, and super delicious

9. Toronto's installations and statues are so beautiful, and so overlooked

10.  The fact that Toronto's office buildings take the time to get decked out for Christmas

11. The never ending amount of beautiful street art

12.  When the TTC offers free rides on New Years

13.  When High Park's cherry blossom trees are in full bloom

14.  The numerous free art galleries around the city

15.  The fall colours in Trinity Bellwoods Park

16. How most patios have dog bowls to accommodate all furry friends

17. How multicultural Toronto is, and the food that comes with that

18. The fact that most Torontonians totally understand how important ice cream is

19. How beautiful our skyline looks from basically any angle

20.  The calming ferry ride to the island

21.  Constantly getting free stuff when you walk through Yonge and Dundas Square

22. People watching at Nuit Blanche

23.  The free outdoor movies offered all over the city in the summer

24.  How dedicated Raptors fans are

25.  The never ending supply of beautiful architecture around the city

26.  How quirky and cute everything in Kensington Market is

27. The fact that most Torontonians are in agreeance about how much we love patio season

28.  Always being within a 10-minute walk from an LCBO or Wine Rack

29. The incredible street style displayed by so many Torontonians

30.  How many super cool pop-up shops that come to the city

31. The amount of insanely talented chefs in the city that supply you with amazing and drool-worthy meals

32.  The unlimited parks that you can just stumble upon while wandering through the city

33.  Being able to find somewhere to go out every night of the week

34. How easy it is to get an Uber

35. The fact that lawn tickets at the Amphitheater are so cheap, and always the most fun

36. How easy it is to find a free outdoor yoga class in the summer

37.  The gratification you get when you actually get a seat on the 501 streetcar

38.  How hyped everyone is during TIFF season

39.  How much better street meat tastes after a night of clubbing on King West.

40. The instant bond you have with someone after you've both been yelled at by the Beleive guy

41. Toronto's ever-growing festival season (Bestival, Turf, Digital Dreams, OVO, Field Trip etc.)

42.  How cute Nathan Philips Square ice rink is during the holidays

43.  When there is no line at the Queen St. Warehouse

44. When someone offers you their parking pass that is still valid, because we all know parking is overpriced in Toronto

45.  Watching the Santa Clause Parade from a cozy coffee shop

46.  The smell of fresh baked goods at the St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday morning

47.  The view of downtown from the Humber Bay Bridge

48.  Getting a caesar from the Harlem Underground to cure your hangover

49.  When you go to a leafs game and they actually win ;)

50. 99% of the time the first Canadian location of a store comes to Toronto before any other city in the country

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