Unless you've been living under a rock lately you've probably noticed that Drake's been up in the gym working on his fitness. He hasn't been hiding his new bulked up physique, in fact, he's been openly sharing it with his near 10 million Instagram followers and consequently anyone with the internet.

He has posted two notably salacious Instagram snaps in the last week. The above photo went up just two days ago but it already has over 48,000 comments with the below photo boasting an additional 18,000 comments. Do the math, we'll give you a minute, yeah! that gives us 66,000 golden opportunities for some of the internets most thirsty predators.

We are here to tell you that once again, the internet did not disappoint, or did; depending on how you look at it. Here are some of the thirstiest.

1. chinsworld1: "You too fine to be in dat room alone"

Using his own lyrics against him, we're not mad at it.

2. queenbee0622: "I want to lick all over your body!"

Straight to the point.

3. kabo9828: "nooooooooo my fucking goooooodddd noooo"

Has anyone checked on this girl? is she okay?

4. arguellespriv: "You should post more of these, thanks"

Politeness is key.

5. kynnedydelrey: "DADDDDYY"

We were unaware Drake had children.

6. fkataty: "@janeee_doeee_ yess u see bae lord he got even sexier i didnt think he could girl even more sexier and he did damn it drizzy"

Clearly editing was not on the priority list...

7. alexvassiliou: "Just wanna put my head on your chest"

That sounds nice.

8. ninaross92: "Ummm yummmmm"

how many 'm's does one comment need?

9. laurenalexandeer: "First off imma start by saying this... God damn god damn"

Another great use of Drake lyrics to seduce...Drake.

10. i.mo7d_: "YAS summer body 😍 bae af xD"

It's already July though...

11. ngu_ninja: "πŸ˜₯ Can my husband please just find me already though?"

Hey, at least she asked nicely.

12. obey_lokkitaleax3: "@cxbxllero threesome ASAP."

Alrighty then.

13. babydabb: "@luisitolindo LOOK! Look at what's holding up his sweats?!"

Ladies, have some water.

14. radhikaaapatel: "On a scale of 1 to America, how free are you tonight?"

A+ for creativity.

15. joss__d: "Wish I could sit on your face youd love this 🐱 papi lol πŸ˜ͺ"

Very R rated use of emojis happening here.

16. nicolejna5: "Jzwnzksnzknwzksndis breath taken"

Breathing is a good thing.

17. shaemiriparsons: "RIP ovaries"

Well then.

18.yassmineg: "Chris brown sucks balls"

Not sure where Chris Brown fits into this photo but sure.

19. kiandraxx: "*censored* me"

Very direct.

20. jk_rai.ling: "Ru looking where I'm looking 😏 @_komalg?"

Ladies, ladies, eyes up here.

21. buddy3137: "should've adjusted yo junk js...body on point"

A bit of a back handed compliment but a compliment none the less?

22. x0sannah: "Mmmmmm this is all mine πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ "

We had no idea he was currently in a relationship.

23. iamlexxglam: "Damn πŸ‘…πŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦"

Emoji's on another level.

24. sorayaiannella: "been there done that 😏😏😏"

But actually though?

25. jasminahlove: "God damn daddy😩"

Again, Drake has kids?

26. aishabeezdaname: "@girlygirljellz girl I was gasping for air last night"

We hope she's okay.

27. 4evahoneydip: "@nyjah.monique girl everyone on my bae now it's a forever fighting the hoochies off lol"

Plan of attack in effect.

28. beljon26: "You are truly bless. ..yeeeeesssssss"


29. sonofvenus: "Daddy u look so short but that *censored* probably so tall"

Oh my, *insert sweaty face emoji here*

30. Ortiz_0689: "I wish he would just leak a *censored* pic"

A girl with big dreams.

31. xclusive.chanel: "Hey drake, um when are we getting married? Because it's unfair to keep me waiting like this smh. We belong together"

She's just being honest.

32. miiwonderland3: "I had a mini heart attack"


33. runsyy: "Dayum Daddy"

More inappropriate parental association.

34. goldxhoney: "Pum Pum wet up. Pap is so fine tho!!!!"

English please.

35. favorednick: "0 to half a million likes REAL QUICK, real quick"

Oh Lord, know yourself, know your worth.

36. fully_trouble: "πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ just take all of me now 😘😘😘😘😘"

The raindrop emoji's just take it to a whole other level.

37. sheman1980: "Mmmm I like it Drake.. that body.. can I hug and kiss it... hope u put on parfum for for men too"

We think this user meant perfume, but hey it's a fair request.

38. melodyshokouhi: "baby won't u come myyyyyyy wayyyy"

No shortage of using Drake's lyrics against him.

39. mymbord: "Thank god, perfection still exists"

Flattery will get you everywhere.

40. Skittledittle1: "You legit caused an earthquake when all the panties hit the floor...good job"

Oh my.

41. Yvetter96: "this has me weak"

Maybe you should grab a snack.

42. sussiieflores: "I wish it was ALL YOU CAN EAT drake 😍

Buffet style.

43. _thecuteone_: "I really moaned when I saw this picture. Drake just marry me already. Im in love, I love you!

Just get it over with.

44. Vanee619: "I'll have your children"

What a nice offer.

45. Lyda770: "Drake your destroying my life"

We're sure he's sorry about it.

46. esmeygonz: "exactly shiiiiit I been thirsty for drake I'm not even gonna deny lol"

Self-awareness is important.

47. Camiiigreg: "give me brain like NYU"

Oh so now we're using Nicki Minaj lyrics, diverse.

48. Katisha.hardy: "Dam drake I'll give you the business boo"

After all, he isn't a businessman, he's a business, man!

49. Hellakool625: "Turn around and show your beef cakes light skin"

Γ  la Justin Bieber?

50. _.enimsaj: "Can I just lick your bicep just one time? That's all. :)"

Okay, but just once.

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