Just recently, Canada officially made it legal to challenge someone to a duel. We're not sure what took so long, but it doesn't matter - at least our country is one baby step closer to actually being in the 21st century.

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Unfortunately, there are still several other strange laws that remain in effect today. Here are 50 of them, in all their wacky glory:


British Columbia




Other Provinces

Source: Discover Canadian Lawyers

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You could get arrested in Canada for:

1. Bullying oysters

There's an entire section in the Criminal Code on the humane treatment of oysters.

2. Smelling bad

"Offending a place with a bad smell" is illegal, whether it be via poor hygiene or carrying smelly foods.

3. Writing on money

Defacement of coinage or bills is prohibited.

4. Drawing crime comics

Depictions of crimes in comic strips are not allowed, especially if the setting involves a Canadian national park.

5. Putting on a dirty play

"Immoral theatrical performances" are illegal to be put on. This includes subject matter that is overly crude or sensitive.

6. Scaring the Queen of England

If ever you had the chance to scare the Queen... Don't.

7. Pretending to be Harry Potter

You can't fraudulently practice witchcraft and sorcery.

8. Removing a bandage in public

Nobody wants to see your hideous wound.

9. Paying with too much change

Purchases can't be made with over $5 in nickels or over $25 in loonies.

10. Using a false name on a telegram

But just when sending a telegram, I guess.

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You could get arrested in British Columbia for:

11. Killing a sasquatch

Unauthorized hunting of all wildlife is illegal in BC.

12. Leaving your car unlocked in a public place

They must always be locked, and windows can only be opened to less than the width of a hand.

13. Exercising in a way that scares a horse

...without permission.

14. Owning more than four pet rats at a time 

In Port Coquitlam, this law prevents possible rat infestations.

15. Having a parrot that talks to loud 

In Oak Bay, a loud parrot could land you a $100 fine.

16. Giving kids balloon animals on the street

In Victoria, street performers cannot do this.

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You could get arrested in Alberta for:

17. Grooming your hair while driving

This includes beards.

18. Feeding babies while driving

Even more distracting than texting.

19. Painting a wooden ladder

This is part of the Occupational Health and Safety Code - it helps determine the condition of the ladder and if it's safe to use or not.

20. Setting fire to a wooden leg

I don't even know.

21. Buying non-prescription contact lenses (Calgary)

Specifically from costume stores.

22. Loitering outside between 12 and 6 AM (St. Paul)

If you're 15 years old.

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You could get arrested in Ontario for:

23. Driving a forklift over 40 km/h

Actually this one makes sense.

24. Riding a sleigh on the highway without two bells on your horse's harness

...And we're back.

25. Dragging a dead horse down Yonge St. 

In Toronto, this act is only prohibited on Sundays.

26. Letting go of more than 10 helium balloons

In Toronto, you can't do this within 24 hours.

27. Having more than 3.5 inches of water in your bathtub

This is an actual bylaw in Etobicoke.

28. Skinny dipping 

In Bancroft, swimming is only permitted with clothing on and at authorized locations.

29. Having purple garage doors 

This law applies in Kantana. Oh well, purple as a garage door colour would be obnoxious anyway.

30. Letting your grass grow too tall

In London, the grass on your front lawn cannot be taller than 8 inches.

31. Climbing a tree

In Oshawa, this is prohibited. Bye bye backyard treehouses.

32. Eating ice cream along Bank St

This is only prohibited on Sundays in Ottawa.

33. Whistling 

In Petrolia, whistling or heckling in public is not allowed.

34. Mounting a siren on a bicycle

In Sudbury, only bells or horns are okay for mounting on your bike.

35. Having an internet connection faster than 56K 

Only in Uxbridge.

36. Playing a musical instrument in public without a permit

UWindsor students have it rough.

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You could get arrested in Quebec for:

37. Impersonating a foreigner

Specifically a foreigner.

38. Fixing up your car on the street 

In Montreal, this includes doing work under the car or its hood.

39. Turning right on a red light 

There are dedicated right turn signals in Montreal.

40. Swearing in French 

In Montreal, this is not allowed, especially if done with intent to cause a scene.

41. Having more than two colours of paint on your house

Beaconsfield houses can only be a single colour.

42. Walking downtown with your shoes untied 

This is illegal in Fort Mc'Appelle.

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You could get arrested in Manitoba for:

43. Living inside a streetcar 

A streetcar is not a registered dwelling.

You could get arrested in New Brunswick for:

44. Carrying a snake or pet reptile in public 

This act is prohibited in Fredericton.

You could get arrested in Newfoundland for:

45. Keeping cows in your house

Cows shall remain outdoors or in their designated quarters in St. John's

You could get arrested in Nova Scotia for:

46. Selling artificially-coloured chicks 

They must only be their natural yellow colour.

47. Wearing a t-shirt if you're a taxi driver 

Failing to comply to this rule will get you arrested in Halifax.

48. Unhinging someone's front gate

It's just not a cool thing to do anyway.

You could get arrested in Prince Edward Island For:

49. Building a snowman taller than 30 inches

In Souris, this law applies particularly to residents of a corner lot.

50. Annoying someone at their home, place of business or meeting place

This entails anything from ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door with intent to disturb.

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