Believe it or not, not all sex goes down like it does in the movies (sorry all you Notebook Ryan Gosling fans). Sometimes yes, it's a good time! You're both pumped, there's a little bit of foreplay, a high five after, maybe some post-deed nachos and then you're own your way. But sometimes the thoughts in your mind during the act suddenly turns into a game of 20 questions and all you can think about is if you unplugged your straightener or not.

So we asked some of our gals some of the things they thought about during sex, and odds are you've thought them too.

1. Fuck, what if my fake eyelashes fall off?

2. It's just a bra not a labyrinth.

3. Oh shit, how's that going to fit?!

4. Okay so that joke he made definitely wasn't him overcompensating.

5. Wrong hole bud.

6. Ya that's my head, no I'm not going down there.

7. He knows that's not my clit right?

8. Maybe if I moan he'll think that it's good?

9. Is this a sexy moan or does it sound like I'm burping?

10. Oh doggy style would be HOT AF.

11. ABORT ABORT, went from porn star to me looking like a baby goat real quick.

12. I'm going to pretend that's not your sweat.

13. Maybe it's me sweating......that's sexy right?

14. Were Rachel and Ross really on a break?

15. Beyonce how the fuck is this like riding a surfboard?

16. *Keeps running tally of how many times they say OMG when I give a blowjob*

17. I wonder what views Drake was really thinking about.

18. Does holding my left thumb really stop my gag reflex?

19. You just ate me out are you really gonna kiss me with that mouth.

20. Did Kylie get lip injections? Maybe I should....

21. It's fucking freezing in here, my nipples could cut glass.

22. He better give me a warning before he finishes or I'll be blitz attacked.

23. Oh my legs look really toned from this angle #wayup.

24. Did I forget to turn off the oven?

25. Oh that's the spo- nah missed it.

26. Pretty sure I shouldn't be bending like this

27. Does he even like my hands there?

28. Why the fuck am I biting his ear, is this hot?

29. I could TOTALLY win the next season of survivor, I would fuck that up.

30. Do I close my eyes?


32. I'm gonna MUCK some avacado toast after.

33. Major manscaping.....kind of into it?

34. Ya excuse me, wrap it or pack up boy.

35. In my head you're Scott Eastwood.

36. Jesus slow down this we're not racing Ricky Bobby here.

37. You. Are. Not. My. Daddy.

38. Maybe I'll get chrome nails soon, I wonder how much that costs.

39. Fuck I could go for chipotle right now.

40. I could grate some fine ass gouda on your abs HELLO.

41. I wonder how many chins he can see from that angle.

42. FINALLY he got the hang of- nope okay that is just skin but A for effort.

43. Wait is his dog in the room? I feel like it's watching us.

44. Omg should I comment on that queef or just let it pass?

45. What's dirty talk anyways? Should I tell him to roll in mud or something?

46. His face looks hilarious right now tbh, wish I could snap that.

47. This is literally the least comfortable position you could have picked.

48. Did I shave? DID I?!

49. I should really learn french, how sexy would that be.

50. I'm pretty tired is he done yet.

51. Should I high five him? Hug? Friendly political handshake?

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