Anyone who lives in the far corners of the GTA and works or goes to school downtown knows that the GO train is absolutely essential. Even though fares are high, you stick to the GO train because there aren't many alternatives for getting downtown; unless of course you're willing to fight through the gruelling traffic on the 401 and DVP by car. #NoThankYou

For many of us, the GO train commute serves as a time for meditation and deep thinking. Here are 50 thoughts you've probably had on the GO train:

1. Finally on this damn train. ?

2. Excuse me, coming through. ?

3. Window seat window seat window seat... ?

4. *Puts bag on lap* ?

5. I hope someone hot sits in front of me. ?

6. There are two perfectly empty seats in front of me and you choose to sit right next to me. #Bruh ?

7. Okay doors, feel free to close anytime. Anytime at all. ?

8. Door malfunction? Oh hell no. ?

9. We good now? K good let's goooooo. ???

10. *Sorry for the delay* ?

11. *This train will be making all station stops* Aw. ?

12. Did I lock my car? ?

13. Why do I live so far from downtown? ?

14. Is it even worth it? ?

15. What is life? ? ? ?

16. Yup I'm gonna be late.⌚️

17. This train is so full I can't breathe. ?

18. All these winter jackets smell like wet dog. ?

19. I know she ain't about to eat that bag of chips in the Quiet Zone. ??

20. *Lets out a quiet laugh while looking at something funny on Facebook* ?

21. Lemme sneak a Snap in real quick. ?

22. What's everyone else looking at on their phones? ?

23. Wow his music is so loud I can hear it through his earphones. ?

24. Honestly, forgetting your earphones can totally ruin your day. ☝️

25. Wow, that's deep. I'mma tweet that. ?

26. I'm tired. ?

27. I miss my bed. ?

28. Should I nap? I'm gonna nap. ?

29. *Wakes up after 2 minutes* KK where are we? ?

30. These lights are so bright. ?

31. Ugh why is it still cold in here? ?

32. My hands and feet are frozen. ⛄️

33. Crap, they're doing Presto checks today. ❗️❗️

34. Did I even tap on this morning? ❓❓

35. *Taps* Please make the right sound... ?

36. *Ding!!* ✅ Phew. ???

37. I'm hungry. ?

38. I can't wait to get a coffee at the McCafe. ☕️

39. Ugh, now I gotta pee thinking about this coffee. ?

40. Should I just wait til I get to Union or use the crusty one on this train. ?

41. Dammit I can't hold it that long! ? *Speed walks to washroom*

42. *Leaves washroom* Okay why is everyone looking at me? ?

43. Please stop looking at me. ?

44. *Looks out window* Oh hey Toronto. ?

45. *In a few short moments we will be arriving at Union Station* Fiiinally. ?

46. K, time to line up. ?

47. *Please check your surroundings to make sure you have all your belongings* Don't rush me. ?

48. Yes train, why don't you slow down right when my next train is about to leave. ???

49. Are we there yet? ?

50. *Doors open* I'M OUT, PEACE. ??

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