Make up has become about more than just covering imperfections and accentuating your features. Its become an art form. From countless hours spent on YouTube makeup tutorials to scouring magazines for all the latest tips and tricks, we know you take your makeup pretty freakin' seriously!

So we've compiled some of Kim Kardashian's top makeup secrets from her makeup artists, Mario Dedivanovic, to help you take your makeup from great to perfect.

1) Do your makeup before you do your hair.

If you do hair first, there's a good chance you will get hairspray on your face creating a less than ideal foundation for makeup.  Plus, if you're getting a big, bouncy blowout, you won't want to pin it back for the duration of the makeup application and risk creasing.

 2) Instead of primer, use emollient moisturizer.

Dedivanovic says he prefers using a softening cream (he used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream) all over the face, neck and chest—"it really helps the foundation to blend. So what about primer? He says, "I don't use them. I don't like to put barrier between the skin and the makeup."

3) Foundation isn't just for your face: Apply it everywhere.

 You probably already put foundation on your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, but what about your eyelids, ears, chest, arms, legs, even feet? For a red carpet, Dedivanovic works the stuff in from head to toe to make sure Kardashian's skin tone is as even as possible, but for the rest of us, his best tip is to dab a little foundation on our ears before a big night out; "otherwise, they'll be red in photos."

4) Create a subtle, ombré effect with your brows.

 Dedivanovic used Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown to fill in the outer corners, then switched to Light Brown as he moved in. "It's softer and sweeter-looking when brows aren't so heavy at the inner corners."

5) When it comes to eyeshadow: creams first, powders second.

Just like with the face, Dedivanovic avoids eye primer and lets cream shadows do the work of holding the pigment in place all day. "Applying powder [shadow] over cream makes everything look more intense, thick and rich."

6) Triple-line your eyes.

Kim's make up artists also uses three types of eyeliner on his client. First, he works MAC Eye Kohl deep into the base of the lashes, then goes over that with MAC Liquid Liner, lifting it up lightly at the outer corners slightly and finishes with Anastasia Waterproof Crème Colorme Color. All the effort gives a more "defined and luxuious look".

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