I have a special place in my heart for the 90's. I'm sure most of you do as well. I think the success of that era comes from the fact that there was just the right amount of technology to keep us connected to each other, but not so much that it consumed our lives completely. It was truly a simpler time, and it's the perfect example of how less is truly more.

Even old 90's commercials tug at our heartstrings when we come across them nowadays. Who knew that commercials could make you feel some type of way? Here are 7 of those commercials to bring you back in time to the better days:

1. Don’t You Put It In Your Mouth


This was one of the many theme songs of our childhoods.

2. House Hippos


And then there was this damn hippo.

3. Stay Alert Stay Safe


Remember Bert & Gert??

4. Smart As You


"Somebody get. this. cat. off. my. head."

5. What’s Your Thing


The T-Rex guy wins.

6. African Lion Safari


The theme song to this originated in the 80's and carried on throughout the 90's.

7. Mouse Trap


Smart rats.

What commercials do you remember from the 90's?

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