There are certain ideals that are viewed as conventional standards for GEN Z, therefore it's necessary to set realistic expectations in your 20's. It's great to set high goals, but it's also important to understand there is no specific timeline for your 20's. You're still young and there is still so much to know about life; from the lessons that are learned from the bad mistakes to the good experiences you go through on a daily basis.

Remember, just because someone else is at a different point in life then you, it does not mean they are more successful. Stay positive, be the type of person you'df want to meet and never give up. Here is a list of 7 ideals every Torontonian should not live according to in their 20's:

1. Graduate College/University.

Many people are expected to receive their post- secondary diploma by their early 20's, but truthfully speakingit's never too late to get an education. For whatever reasons, sometimes you need to take time off, to make up your mind on what you want to do. Schooling is an investment, therefore it should not be rushed. This inaccurate principle may lead to irrational decisions, forcing you into a career you will despise for the rest of your life. It is so common for teenagers to make decisions according to their parents expectations. They end up majoring in biology, when realistically their true passion is writing. Remember, you're never too old for school.

2. Have a set career.

According to Trading Economics,"Canada's jobless rate unexpectedly increased to 7.2 percent in January of 2016." These official stats, prove it is completely normal not to have a set career at this age. Your 20's are about discovering your interests in order to establish a career that you will enjoy for the rest of your life. Of course if you land a dream job you're going to accept the position, but don't blame yourself if there are no job opportunities in your field. Would you like to get up every morning thinking to yourself, " I hate my job," or wake up looking forward to the rest of your day at work? I promise, the time will come and you will figure out your career.

3. Friends are forever.

 Friendships are like relationships, if they're broken, they are hard to mend. It is important to cherish our friendships, but sometimes friends do not last forever. A friend is "a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection." Friends are supposed to support each other, express their feelings and trust one another, but if the trust is broken, your friendship becomes questionable. Sometimes friends are worth fighting for, but others who take advantage of your kindness, deserve to be cut out of your life.

4. Romance is key

From a young age people are brainwashed into believing, being in love = happy life. Love is a strange thing, one moment it is the greatest feeling and then all of a sudden it can drive you into the grave. Sometimes we become delusional because we're too "in love" to recognize a toxic relationship. There is no way your happiness should be determined by another person. A relationship is made up of two people, there must be a balance, it should be a 50/50 contribution and if there's not -  it's time to close the chapter. Being in your 20's is only the beginning to a path of discovering the right partner, that maybe one day build a family with. And my word of advice... Don't go looking for love, love will come to you.

5. Own property

If the average rent for a one bedroom condo in Toronto is 1500$, then how are you to afford a property? If you're lucky enough to live away from home, you most likely renting out a place with a roommate or your significant other. Then, you think to yourself, "I need to stop  wasting my money on rent, but I don't have 20k for a down payment." Many people in their 20's (including myself) still live under their parents' roof, because realistically it's hard to save up enough money to buy your own place. It's crucial to understand, owning a property is a super big investment. Some people rent condos/houses their whole lives and live a happy life.Keep your head up, if purchasing your own property is an ultimate goal, one day you will have that condo on King West or your dream home in Forest Hill.

6. "I'm not successful like the others."

This is such an over exaggerated statement because everyone achieves success in their own way. If success depends on society's standards, then it's better not to have a sh*tty job, a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, fake friends and all the other b*ullshit "keys to success." Success relies upon your own achievements, just because you're not a millionaire by the end of your 20's,  does not mean you have failed at life. Progress is success, therefore if you have moved from point A-B, that is something to be proud of.

7. My life is not fun.

Newsflash if you don't already know, social media is not real life. Just because someone has the coolest Snapchats, doesn't mean their life is fun. Don't get me wrong, Instagram can capture the perfect moment and Snapchat can reveals daily activities , but who really knows what goes on behind that camera? Everyone has their own definition of fun,  for example researching nerdy topics can be fun for someone while others would think it's a waste of time. It's cool to share your experiences with others via social media, but don't downgrade yourself because you don't have a picture with Mick Jagger. Everything is possible!

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