Did you know you could live in a church in Toronto? Well, kind of. In recent years, the city has been taking historical churches and converting them into livable hard lofts.

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You may think a converted church is an odd choice for a place to live inbut the old, gothic architecture and stunning stained-glass windows are unique features that you won't be able to find in any other type of residence. Here are 7 Toronto churches that were converted into beautiful condo lofts:

Macpherson Lofts // 12 Macpherson Ave

Photo cred - monikamacmillan

  • Formerly: Methodist church
  • Number of Units: 5
  • Storeys: 1

Abbey Lofts // 384 Sunnyside Ave

  • Formerly: 19th-century church
  • Number of Units: 24
  • Storeys: 3

Church Lofts // 701 Dovercourt Rd

  • Formerly: A century-old, neo-gothic church
  • Number of Units: 28
  • Storeys: 4

Glebe Lofts // 660 Pape Ave

Photo cred - monikamacmillan

  • Formerly: Riverdale Presbyterian Church
  • Number of Units: 32
  • Storeys: 4

Victoria Lofts // 152 Annette St

Photo cred - torontolofts

  • Formerly: Victoria Presbyterian Church
  • Number of Units: 34
  • Storeys: 4

Cornerstone Lofts (in development) // 243 Perth Ave

Photo cred - buzzbuzzhome

  • Formerly: A century-old, neo-gothic church
  • Number of Units: 40
  • Storeys: 4

West40 Lofts // 40 Westmoreland Ave

  • Formerly: A century-old, neo-gothic church
  • Number of Units: 17
  • Storeys: 1

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