Everyone wants to increase the 0's in their bank account without investing time and money on education. School is crazy expensive! Ontario currently has the highest tuition fees, approximately costing an average of $6,000 per year, ( for under-grad and post-grad programs) according to Stats Canada. That equals to approximately 24 k during 4 years just for school fees or many even more.

Master programs are generally the most expensive, on average costing individuals $42,000. Let's be honest, not everyone can afford these prices and nobody wants to be 100k in debt from loans.

For your personal knowledge, or if you're debating on a career path here's a list of 7 Toronto Jobs that will pay you 100 K a year without requiring a post grad degree:

The amount listed included bonuses, commissions and the maximum salary for each job. 

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1.  Realtor // Up to $102,773

 Real estate agents are capable of making a lot of money. It all depends on their desire to work and how much they work. Many realtors work part time in Toronto, therefore the average annual pay is estimated at $49,682 per year.  However, if they are 100% dedicated to their sales and clients, realtors can easily make up to 100k.  A high school diploma, real estate training certificate and a provincial territorial license are requirements.

2. Air traffic controller// Up to  $146,983

Being an air traffic controller is a stressful job because it comes with a lot of responsibility. A high school diploma, radio telephone operator’s licence, air traffic controller’s licence and a a NAV Canada training certificate are required.

3. Fire Chief // Up to $149,435

An average salary for a fire chief is $85k. Of course it will time and experience to score a chief position in the fire department but the hard work will pay off. Some fire chiefs can make up to 150k per year, all you need is a high school and a provincial/municipal firefighters training certificate.

4. Construction Manager // Up to $168,536

The median pay of a construction manager is approximately $87,400 (2015). Imagine how much you could make after a couple of years of experience? No education is neccessary if you start from the bottom and work your way to the top of a company (or start your own) but a BA in building science or civil engineering and most importantly experience can be of help.

5. Police Officer / Up to $100,183

As a first class constable, you can make between $91,909 to $100,183 per year. You must have a high school diploma, an OACP certificate, you must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, have a valid drivers license, a Standard First Aid Certificate and a valid C.P.R.Certificate, 2 stages of pre-interview testing and pass the health standards outlined by O.A.C.P.

6. IT Manager // Up to $114,543

An information technologist manager's salary can grow up to 100k. If you're always interested in new and upcoming technology, have a BA in computer science and preferably have a little bit of experience working in this field, you could be making bank in no time.

7. Commercial Pilot // Up to $148,234

Transport Canada requires at least 200 hours of flight training, 80 hours of ground schoola private pilot certificate, overall 1,500 hours of flight experience and to hold a valid Category I medical before becoming a commercial pilot. According to BLS, airline pilots are required to have a BA but it can  can be in any major as long as you complete courses in physics, aeronautical engineering, mathematics, and English. Therefore it's important to enroll in an aviation or aeronautics program that has been approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration.) You can come to the conclusion that a commercial pilot will put a lot of hours and work during their BA but a masters degree is not necessary.

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