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There's a lot of stereotypes out there about Toronto. People all over the country have a lot of opinions about us, and while some of their opinions are completely baseless, a few of them are kind of on point. Let's own up to these things, Toronto,  because they definitely don't stop us from being the shit.

Torontonians Are Intense

People in this city are some of the friendliest you'll meet, and anyone who argues otherwise is a hater. That being said, we can definitely be a little intense sometimes. We've always got 5 commitments in the air at any given time, we're frustrated by our shitty subway, and we love working hard. We really can't deny it.

Torontonians Aren't Spontaneous

Toronto is a fun city. There's so much cool shit going on here all the time. The thing is, all of that cool shit has been meticulously planned. We can't even hang out with our friends without figuring out where and when it's going to happen a week in advance. There's really no way around it, we don't really live on the edge.

Toronto Is Obsessed With Drake

As much as we hate being so obvious, we can't help loving Drake. We've all studied his discography, we get really excited whenever we find out he's back in town, and we come out in huge numbers every time he has a show here. If only we could  be a little more original.

Photo cred - Michael Tapp

Torontonians Have An Ego

Everyone says Torontonians think we're hot shit. The thing is, we totally do. We know we're the coolest city in Canada, and that everything awesome comes from us. What's wrong with a little city pride?

Torontonians Are Stubborn

And we're stubborn when it comes to admitting how stubborn we are. What other city is as obsessed with their hockey team as us? Even though the Leafs haven't won a Stanley cup since 1967. We will not be reasoned with, and that's what makes us so awesome.

Toronto Wants To Be New York

As much as we hate to admit it, we absolutely love it when people compare us to New York. From our subway to our attitude, Torontonians subconsciously try to cultivate a New York vibe in this city. There's no shame in it, New York is awesome. But you'll never get one of us to admit it.

Torontonians Are Weird

Let's just face it, we're a wacky bunch. We invented "true," we're obsessed with eyebrows, and we think we can reinvent the poutine. But our weirdness is also what makes us the best, so we should start to wear it proudly!

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