Many people yearn to live a luxury lifestyle, but the problem is VIP treatments are capable of racking up an obnoxious bill. Who wouldn't want a personal chauffeur or an errand runner for super cheap?

Even though Toronto can be a pricey city at times, there are certain businesses which provide affordable luxury services that you most likely are not aware of. If you're stressing over work or school and need a break from all your responsibilities in life, perhaps you should consider these 7 VIP treatments you could get for super cheap in Toronto:

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1. Chef & Somm

Private chef and sommelier (wine specialist) service. 

Hire your own personal chef and wine expert for dinner. Both individuals will cater to your preferences and will organize a 5 course dinner paired with wine for $160. Let's compare this service to dinner at an upscale restaurant for two people: (average prices listed)

Cold Appetizer = $33.00 

Hot Appetizer = $33.00 

Seconds (soup or salad) =  $ 15.00 

Entrees = $42.00 

Desert = $17.00 

Bottle of wine = $35.00 

Total: $178 

In conclusion, you'll end up saving over $20,( just enough for the tip!) have your own personal chef as well as wine specialist to accommodate your taste buds!

2. Creeds 

Pick up & drop off dry cleaning services. 

Are you short on time to manage your dry cleaning? Creeds offers free pick up and delivery for dry cleaning service. For just approximately $30 you can get your shirt and pants laundered, picked up and delivered to your house. Time is money people!

See more detailed prices here. 

3. Toronto Home Organizer 

Re-organize your home. 

Is your home filled with clutter? Call Toronto Home Organizer to make use of your space and arrange your personal belongings without doing any work! For $55.00 you can get your closet or certain areas of your home organized in a coordinated matter.

More details on pricing listed here. 

4. My Stewards 

Concierge services & home helpers. 

Simplify your life by hiring My Stewards to do all the things you don't have time for. This company will run all your errands ( as long as they're legal.)

Prices vary upon services. Contact My Stewards for detailed pricing. 

5. Looks Image

Personal Shopper

Looks Image offers personal style coaching and shopping services for a very affordable price. For $100 you'll receive styling advice according to your body type, preferences and budget.

More details provided here

6. Toronto Prestige Limos 

Have a personal chauffeur drive you around the city for $25 dollars in a grand SUV.  Save your gas money and time by having your own driver deal with the crazy traffic in Toronto.

Prices are listed per person. 

7. Mobile Spa Services 

Get pampered wherever you are. 

There are a variety of packages offered by Mobile Spa services to accommodate your needs. For a full manicure you will pay $25, without leaving your home or office.

More packages listed here. 

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