If you clicked on this article chances are if you're spending your evenings and weekends parked in front of Netflix.

Being unmotivated sucks, and sometimes it seems hard to beat the cycling of procrastination and not caring.  For those of you who want to change your ways and use your time wisely, these activities are for you.

Once you start spending your time on things you're proud of, you will feel so much more fulfilled.  Start enjoying your free time to the fullest!

1. DIY Terrarium Workshop // Peter Paul's Flowers

Having something to show from your free time other than another finished Netflix series is really self fulfilling.  Plus if you're new to the city these terrariums will definitely help spruce up your place, and you might meet some new people as well!

2. Outdoor Yoga // High Park

If your head is feeling  a little foggy, yoga/getting outside is a great way to cure that.  Start feeling inspired again by taking some time to focus on yourself and enjoying the outdoors.

3. Plant Hanger Workshop // The Gladstone Hotel 

This is somewhat similar to option one, but the Gladstone typically runs workshops that are a little more wallet friendly.  This is an awesome option if you're looking to get out of the house on the regular.  The Gladstone hotel does multiple "Get Schooled" workshops throughout the month.

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4. Sign up for a run // GTA

If you're unmotivated in regards to working out, signing up for a run is the best way to make yourself get in shape.  And no, I don't just mean looking it up and hitting "attending" on the Facebook page.  Bite the bullet and pay for the deposit, once you have spent money on something you are way less likely to skip out!

5. Go on Photo walks // Toronto

Instead of walking around glued to your phone while catching Pokemon, start capturing memories!  If you're a creative person with an eye for detail, maybe start thinking about taking up photography.  Toronto is full of unique architecture, and beautiful scenery.  Organized photo walks are also usually done in groups, so there is a good chance you'll make a couple new friends.

6. Visit The TDM // 1605 Queen St W.

If you're feeling uninspired, try taking a trip to the Toronto Designers Market.  You'll be able to see a bunch of local designer's and artist's pieces from their most recent collections.  Seeing your peers current projects is always super helpful and makes things seem a lot more obtainable.

7. Go to a book signing // Chapters

Even if you're not a huge reader, being around those who have accomplished writing a novel can be very inspiring.  Most of the time the author will speak about their most reccent book, and answer questions as well.  Try to attend signings of people you admire, and hopefully you can get some insight on how they stay motivated!

8. Get a mentor

If you're feeling unmotivated at work or in school, look into getting a mentor.  Having someone to look up to, and ask questions is super helpful.  They will also be able to provide you with valuable information on how to succeed in your field, and share their experiences.

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