Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 40th year of Canada’s most prestigious film festival: TIFF.

For a little over a week, the city is transformed into a glamorous frenzy of film premiers, red carpets, and A-list celebs. And while the main focus is the movie masterpieces, the secondary attraction is obviously the celebrities and their ridiculous antics.

Sure, in previous years there has been a fair share of TIFF gossip and drama: from the first time we found out Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were official, or the time James Franco partied at the Hoxton (and grabbed a guy's butt).

But truthfully, we want more.

Cue Shia Labeuf: The once adorable “Even Stevens” actor “transformed” into a total babe along side Megan Fox, but lately he has more or less gone off the deep end. He is mentioned in the press less and less for his movies and more for his crazy af behaviour. So what can we expect from Shia when he visits #the6 ?

Photo - CNN

1. Party with Rob Ford.

Because why wouldn’t the most outlandish celebrity befriend the most ridiculous mayor?

Photo-The Independent

2. Wear a bag on his head….again.

Anyone remember his outfit in Berlin for his premier of “Nymphomaniac”? We’re thinking he might do a repeat of this classic look for his premier for "Man Down" at TIFF.


3. Replace the "Believe" Guy as the "Just Do It" Guy.

Honestly, when we first saw the "Just Do It" video, we were all a little bit confused and more than a little bit uncomfortable, similarly to how the "Believe" Guy makes us feel when he yells in our face.


4. Start digging holes in Trinity Bellwoods.

Now, this might seem totally random, but we know Shia is a fan of method acting and ️maybe a sequel to "Holes" is coming soon, or at least we wish it was coming soon.

Photo -The Daily Beast

5. Start an impromptu contemporary art performance at the AGO.

Shia is all about the arts: he once set up his own temporary art exhibit in downtown LA, called the "#IAmSorry" Exhibit. He then sat in an empty room and allowed visitors to have one on one interactions with him as he sat totally motionless and silent...

Photo-Chicago Now

6. Bring "Beans" from "Even Stevens" as his date. 

Shia and his long-term girlfriend Mia Goth recently ended things on a sour note, so it would make sense for him to bring an old friend to his movie premier.

Photo-Toronto Life

7. Buy this apartment on Yorkville Ave and throw an insane party.

With a net worth of  $25 million, as well as an impulsive personality, anything is possible with Shia.


8.  Wear a nude leotard like in the Sia music video to his premier party.

After the red carpet formalities are said and done, we feel like Shia will want to slip into something more casual for the after party and maybe break out some interpretive dance moves.

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