MTV Live was a high school staple.  Everyone knew the phrase "Bieber my balls" and you were instantly cooler if you had one of the t-shirts.  But do you ever wonder what happened to Paul the Intern or Sheena?

We have done some research, and figured out what your favourite MTV hosts are doing now!

The nostalgia is too real. RIP MTV LIVE. You are sincerely missed.

Photo cred @thedarynjones & youtube 

1. Daryn Jones

After being the host of MTV Live, Daryn went on to pursue his television career at CBC.  Daryn now makes appearances on Hockey Night In Canada and Donut Showdown.

Photo cred -@instadanjlevy & Youtube

2. Dan Levy

After Dan's time on The Hills Live After Show, MTV Live and The City Live After Show he went on to create his own production company called Not A Real Company Productions.  In 2015 he stared in his first series Schitt's Creek.

Photo cred -@sheenasnively & Youtube

3. Sheena Snively

Sheena was known for her hilarious segments on MTV Live. You can now find Sheena at Mohawk College in Hamilton working as a part-time prof.

Photo cred -@mrpaullemieux & Youtube

4. Paul the Intern

After MTV Paul went on to be a host on Much Music's Video On Trial.  Paul is now pursuing a career as a writer/host on The Late O'Clock News!

Photo cred -@taylor_mcnallie & a__healey

5. Nicole Holness

After hosting MTV Live along side Daryn Jones, and starting her music career with her single "Epic" Nicole continued to work on her music and produce a few more singles.

Photo cred -@aliyajasmine & Youtube 

6. Aliya Jasmine

Aliya Jasmine is known for anchoring MTV news, and hosting 1 Girl 5 Gays.  You may have also seen her reporting at the Vancouver Winter Olympics for CTV's Olympic Morning Show!  Aliya has most reccently produced the documentary "Pipeline Wars".

Photo cred -@jessicruickshank & Youtube 

7. Jessie Cruickshank

Jessie Cruickshank, former The Hills and City Live After Show host is now the host of Canada's Smartest Person on CBC.  She is also actively involved with charities like Free The Children and We Day.

Photo cred -@davemerheje &

8. Dave Merheje

Dave has gone on to win numerous comedy awards all over the world.  These include 2012 finalist on NBC's Stand-up for Diversity Search, and  2014 Melbourne Comedy Festival Headliners show.

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