If you didn’t go to a Jays Game this season, did you really spend a summer in Toronto? Ask anyone from the 6ix and they’ll say the same thing. Watching the BJs play is a right of passage for any true Torontonian.

Toronto girls especially love the Blue Jays. For reals. A Toronto girl will never say no to a Jays game invite. Whether it be the awesome atmosphere or that true sea of blue in the stadiums, watching the BJs play guarantees a stellar time every time.

1. Chill times with friends... and meeting potential cute boys.

Nothing screams summer lovin' quite like an afternoon at a Jays game. This might be one of the only places amidst the craziness of downtown where you can kick back, relax, have a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. And yes boys, you aren't the only ones who enjoy that. Not to mention, the fact that any sports game is guaranteed a pool of potential suitors to choose from. Girls love the idea of being able to sit back, relax, and scope the "playing field."

2. Obvious cute insta potential.

Hundo p guaranteed that if you know a couple chix from the 6ix, they'll have one or two insta's at their time in Roger's Stadium. Throw in the classic captions like a million hashtags of: #sports, #iloveBJs, and the blue heart and baseball emoji and you're pretty much set. Chances are any quick fire facts about the boys on the Roster were googled on the subway ride to union. It's all worth it because the bright lights really make for the perfect candid laugh shot.

3. It's a classic yet affordable summer pastime.

One of the best thoughts a Toronto girl has coming to the game is the fact that she isn't breaking the bank to have to do it. You'll always find comfortable seats that are cheap and cheerful. You could be up in the nosebleeds for $10-$15 or down in section 100 for $50! You can buy them at the door or upgrade through one of the classic Toronto scalpers selling tickets around the Rogers Centre. Either way, you'll have just as fun of a time hanging out.

Photo cred - thebiglead

4. Perfect for first dates.

Girls from Toronto love Blue Jays games because they also pose as the best first date experience. You're not at a movie awkwardly sitting beside each other in silence, but you're not at a restaurant aka interrogation hot seat either. It's the perfect combination of light conversation and an opportunity to show off your knowledge (or lack thereof) on the Jays.

5. The BJ $W@G.

Toronto girls LOVE to look cute in Blue Jays gear. Whether it be rockin' a snap back, pullin' off the back wards cap and aviators, or lookin' good in a jersey or baseball tee, the amount of cute outfit combinations are endless and we thrive on it. Girls wearing Jays caps have single handedly become the sexiest thing ever.

6. Watching the boys get super amped.

Bros will be bros. Nothing like jamming out to Trophies when Bautista came up or remembering how fire that time Pillar climbed a wall to catch the ball was.

7. The glorified drinking and encouraged rowdiness.

Nothing says a good time like a couple of Sangria's on one of the many summer patios downtown, followed by continued fun times with your girlies at the game. Not to mention the cheers for just about anything. Toronto girls at the game will never admit they actually get pretty bored an hour or two into the game so we'll tend to compensate by buying a $15 beer-- to prove we're a bro, obviously.

8. The collective love of the game and the city.

Toronto girls love to love Toronto. We take pride in it. It's home. BJ's games just reinforce that fact, for everyone really. It's a mutual vibe where those in college can continue to love it and those out of college can relive the magic.

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