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Being a smoker during the winter is a pain that is only made up for by how awesome it is to be a smoker during the summer. Unfortunately, there are many things about Toronto life that make smoking less than the best, no matter what time of the year it is.

1. Everyone hates smokers

Toronto is a city of non-smokers. Walking down certain streets with a lit cigarette in your hand gets you hardcore death glares. Come into a room smelling of cigarettes after a smoke break and people will straight up get up and walk away from you. There's a lot of hate.

2. You can't smoke on patios

Ontario recently passed a ban on smoking on bar and restaurant patios, which, as any smoker will tell you, is a huge drag. Smoking on patios is part of what makes the summer so fun, and now it's gone forever.

3. No one ever has a light

Being a Toronto smoker means always being prepared. Your chances of running into a fellow smoker who has a light to lend you are much lower than in other parts of the country, where smoking is more common.

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4. None of your friends are smokers

You know what sucks? Being at a bar with your friends, needing to smoke, and not having anyone come out to join you. This is a pretty regular part of Toronto life, where chances are, most people in your friend group don't smoke. I hope you like scrolling through Facebook on your phone.

5. Convenience stores close super early

If you run out of smokes past 9:00pm, and there doesn't happen to be a 7/11 near you, you're SOL. Every convenience store you pass will already be closed.

6. Long TTC rides

Being a commuter in this city means spending a good chunk of your time underground. Those of us hopping straight onto the TTC from their house spending at least an hour in transit can get pretty antsy.

7. Everyone loves spouting health facts at you

Toronto is a city of health nuts, which is part of why they hate smokers so much. Smoking a cigarette in public here can easily get you a lecture from a random passing stranger about the dangers of smoking. Cancer, you say? I had no idea!

8. No indoor smoking parties

I'm not saying people should smoke indoors all the time. I get it, it fucks with the smell of your furniture, and it sucks for people with asthma. But in other major cities, every once in a while, you end up at a party where the hosts are cool with smoking indoors, which is absolutely awesome during the winter. This never happens in Toronto. Ever.

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