First dates are something else entirely. They are nerve-wracking, intimidating, exciting and mysterious all at the same time. Some first dates are really good, but others are just plain awful. However, sometimes it can be the fault of the venue, not just the person sitting across from you. Of course the overall quality of a first date depends on who your with, but the date-spot is equally as important.

As a once young, single Toronto girl, I have been on my fair share of first dates in the city. Consequently, I have put together a few of my favourite first date spots to share with you all. So here are the 8 Toronto first date spots that got me a second.

1. Hey Lucy // 295 King St W

Pizza and martinis? Yup! Hey Lucy has been doing date night right with casual Italian eats and a drink menu that focuses on martinis. The inside is intimate and comfortable with dimmed lighting and zebra-lined chairs. This spot is sure to turn your first date into a second.

2. Reds Wine Tavern // 77 Adelaide St W

Wine, wine and more wine! You really don't need much else for a first date to succeed. Reds has an extensive wine collection and delectable dishes for sharing - paired with it's upscale yet relaxed atmosphere, it's a guarantee for a second date.

3. Hogtown Smoke // 1959 Queen St E

You can never go wrong with Southern-style BBQ, after all, a way to anyone's heart is through the stomach. The rustic atmosphere will bring you and your date closer together, even if it's just reach the napkins. Those who aren't afraid to get messy on the first date, usually get a second.

Photo Cred - Small Girl Medium City

4. Colette Grand Cafe // 550 Wellington St W

Brunch is one of the best date ideas. It's low key but still fancy, chic but still chill - and Colette's does it best! Between sips of fresh coffee, bites of rich macaroons and plates full of pancakes, you'll be on to the second date before you know it.

5. El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

If you have ever been to El Catrin and not had a good time, you're lying. From tequila shots to fish tacos, it's nearly impossibly to not have fun here. Its got an authentic but modern Mexican vibe thats sure to land you a second date and maybe even a third.

6. Track & Field Bar // 860 College St W

Shuffle board is the new mini golf of first dates. Track & Field is what it's like to be outdoorsy in downtown Toronto, featuring bocce courts, faux foliage and dim lanterns. Bars that have something for you to do (rather than just drink) make for more memorable dates.

8. Snakes & Lattes // 600 Bloor St W

First dates never get awkward at Snakes & Lattes. With a little Settlers of Catan, some Monopoly, and a bit of Balderdash, you and your date will be having a good time before there's even the slightest chance for things to get awkward. Hopefully all this fun can carry into the second date.

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