Living in Toronto as a student is so much more different than when you're an actual adult. And  by that I mean you have full adulting responsibilities, such as paying the bills and doing your own laundry (no matter how much you might despise it).

So if you're about to get into the adulting scene in Toronto, or if you are already in it (unfortunately) here are some of the expectations you might have versus the harsh realities you might have to endure. Happy adulting!

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1. Housing

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Expectation: Full rented home or condo with a nice city view.


Reality: Sharing a cramped and overpriced basement apartment with roommates.

Okay when you finally move out and decide to live in Toronto, you expect to do what everyone else does. Rent a home or condominium where you can live a nice cozy little independent life. Sounds ideal, as you stare our your terrace and enjoy your view of the CN Tower.

Snap back to real life. All you're getting is renting out a basement apartment that you also share will three more roommates. And even then, paying the rent is still an expensive struggle.

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2. Nightlife

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Expectation: Living steps away from a club or bar so you go there every other night.


Reality: Being too exhausted from life in the city so you never actually get to check out that nearby bar.

The hustle and bustle of the city life will drain you, unless you're willing to lose precious sleep over salvaging time to enjoy Toronto's nightlife. So being the young person you are, you go out to the bar often and meet new people while chatting over drinks.

Okay the dream is over. After a rough day at work you decided to crawl into your bed and skip out on dinner. And now your nights are filled with sleepless twisting and turning because you can hear your roommate having sex in the room next to you. Gross!

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3. Work

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Expectation: A nice 9-5 job in an office.


Reality: Working at least two jobs with odd schedules to pay the bills.

The dream we all have is graduating from school, getting involved in our field of choice and then getting an amazing 9-5 job with salary, benefits and basically the whole enchilada.

But despite knowing jobs like those do exist, finding those jobs aren't an easy task. So what do you end up doing in the meanwhile instead of going broke? You decide to scrape up whatever small jobs you can find to amount to one job.  And even then the struggle continues, as you go from interning at an office job in the day to bartending at a Queen street dive bar at night.

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4. Commuting

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Expectation: Hailing cabs or Ubers for fast and easy service.


Reality: Getting stuck on the streetcar for two hours getting from one end of Queen Street to the other.

In every movie or TV show where the protagonist lives in the city, they normally hail a cab, jump in and like two minutes later they're at their destination. But Toronto traffic has different plans that can disrupt your adulting.

And because traffic sucks anyways, you'll end up opting for the TTC. Which is a great thing because it's affordable, but at the same time crammed, a little icky and you don't have the luxury of controlling your commutes like you once did in the suburbs.

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5. Social life

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Expectation: Going out for brunch with your friends on the weekends.


Reality: Sleeping in on the weekends because you're so exhausted from the work week.

The city is brimming with lots of cool spots to grab brunch, and you had an awesome idea to try and hit up all the popular spots to find your favourite. But reality kicked in and there's no time to have a social life (or avocado toast).

So the most you find yourself being social is while you're working. Doing other everyday tasks you need to do as an adult, like grocery shopping or going to the coin wash to wash the laundry you neglected until you were down to your last pair of undies, becomes the pinnacle of your social life.

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6. Food


Expectation: Going to your St. Lawrence market and buying fresh ingredients to cook healthy meals.


Reality: Eating five boxes of Lucky Charms over the course of a week.

After long days of adulting, you arrive home to your little corner in the basement apartment, and despite buying fresh spinach and beets to make a nice spring salad, your tired adult body reaches for the nearest box of cereal.

And that box of cereal stays by your bedside until it's finished. Adulting leaves a little bit of time for nutrition, so get ahead and do your meal prep on the weekends to assure for better nutrients than those you get in the Lucky Charms marshmallows.

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7. Family

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Expectation: Going home on the weekends to visit your parents.


Reality: Ignoring your mom's calls because you haven't seen them in months.

We all love family, because they're always there for support and care, but sometimes they can get a little irritating. And that was probably one factor that drove you to move out, apart from the excitement to jump into the adult world.

But in reality you're actually missing the comfort of being at home and being a kid again. Before there were bills, expensive rent, multiple jobs and no social life, you had it all, and you had your family there too. The best part about this is because it gives you the chance to be grateful and appreciate your childhood. Who thought adulthood was actually a good idea? Wrong!

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8. Financial Stability

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Expectation: Having enough cash to settle down with your bae.


Reality: Living off of cereal and porridge in hopes to save up for a better place with you and bae.

Being financially stable in Toronto is so difficult, many just give up and move somewhere outside of the city. With housing prices continuously rising, the best thing on your mind is just deciding to settle down with your boo anyways and continue paying that ridiculous rent.

But to actually get to that point you need to sacrifice some of the luxuries you already have. That means no more brunch (especially avocado toast) and also that means you need to save as much as you can. If you can actually achieve financial stability in Toronto, you've reached peak adult mode!

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9. Shopping

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Expectation: Shopping at the Eaton Centre on the regularly, with an occasional treat in Yorkville.


Reality: Thrift shopping has become your life.

Toronto has a lot to offer on the shopping scene. With a super swanky fashion district featuring cute boutiques with the latest styles, it's really hard to resist whipping out your almost maxed credit card to get your hands on the latest designs.

A better option for your adulting self would be to check some of the awesome thrift shops the city has to offer. With some located on Queen West, Kensington Market and others scattered across the city, there's a lot of cool stuff to be found. In fact, it'll become a fun activity, because you'll be finding some of the newest styles for a fraction of the price! The only thing this means is more laundry to do, ugh!

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