The ideal life for any individual would consist of making loads of money without doing any hard work. However, we all know that's pretty much impossible because in order to get rich, you have to work for it, and this can become really stressful.

Often times, stress overwhelms you with amounts you cannot handle, both mental and physical side effects may surface. Therefore, it's important to find and maintain a job that will not make you rip your hair out or give you sleepless nights.

With information obtained from The Business Insider and research done by O*NetI was able to put together a list of high paying jobs that will give you a stress free life in comparison to other careers. The stress tolerance for each profession is ranked on a 0 - 100 level scale, where the lower number represents the least amount of stress caused by a job.

For your own good, better health and a happy life, here's a list of 9 high paying jobs that will give you the least amount of stress in comparison to other careers:

1. Materials Scientist Engineer // $44,158 - $91,997

Stress tolerance: 53

Requirements:  B.A,M.A and maybe even a Ph.D. for research jobs.

A materials scientist studies and completes research regarding the structure and chemical properties of natural and composite materials ( metals, ceramics, glass etc.)

2. Mathematician // $84,000 - $90,000

Stress tolerance: 57

Requirements: you'll need a B.Sc or M.Sc to work for the government, and a Ph.D to work for private businesses.

As a mathematician you'll perform research in fundamental maths, research mathematical techniques to science and management, as well as find solutions in other works using mathematical methods.

3. Agricultural engineer // $39,750 - $78,108 

Stress tolerance: 61

Requirements: B.A (preferably) in agricultural or biological engineering.

An agricultural engineer applies his/her knowledge in engineering technology as well as biological science and uses it to resolve issues concerning power and machinery, electrification, structures, water conservation and processing of agricultural products.

4. High School Economics Teacher // $35,890 - C$91,063. 

Stress tolerance: 62

Requirements: M.A - preferably MBA

A post secondary economics teacher will engage and teach economic courses to students in a classroom.

5. Physicist // $72,500 - $99,990 

Stress tolerance: 61

Requirements: Ph.D

 A physicist, will perform research, develop theories based on observations as well as experiment and formulate methods to apply physical theories and laws.

6. Astronomer // $78,000 - $109,525 

Stress tolerance: 62

Requirements: B.Sc., M.Sc., or Ph.D depending on field of work.

As an astronomer, one will observe and analyze astronomy to gain greater basic knowledge and apply this data to practical issues.

7. Geoscientist (not a hydrologist or geographer) // $46,515 - C$141,914

Stress tolerance: 63

Requirements: B.Sc degree in geoscience.

A geoscientist will examine the structure, composition and other physical features of the Earth.

8. Information Systems and Computer Manager // $55,052 - C$120,535 

Stress tolerance: 64

Requirements: B.A, M.A recommended.

An IS or computer manager will set goals for an organization and is in charge of executing the right computer systems to achieve those goals.

9. Biomedical Engineer // $48,462 - C$97,491 

Stress tolerance: 61

Requirements: B.A in biomedical engineering, following with a masters degree in biomedical engineering or on-the-job training.

A biomedical engineer will observe and develop solutions to issues in medicine and biology, to excel the quality of patient care.

Sources: The Business InsiderO*Net, Payscale. 

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