Lets be real, the TTC has its flaws.  Those flaws become even more apparent when you live at the end of the subway line, and are stuck on the TTC for what feels like ages.  For those of you who use the subway for your daily commute, I'm sorry.  Here are a few of the struggles you probably encounter on your long commute home.

1. Deserving a seat, and not getting one till you're almost at your stop.

If you're going to be stuck in a metal box soaring underground for over an hour, you deserve a seat. But will you actually get one before your stop is five minutes away? No, probably not.

2. Once you finally get a seat, you have to give it up.

I honestly wish I didn't have as much of a conscious, but every time an elderly person walks on the subway I give them my seat.  Lo and behold this seems to always happen 5 minutes after I sit down.

 3. The smell.

I don't think I need to explain this.

 4. Your phone always dies, with 20 minutes left of your ride.

Unfortunately Candy Crush drains your battery like a mofo, and you're stuck having to sit patiently until you can get yourself to an outlet and a charger.

 5. Going in when its day time, and coming out to pitch black.

Honestly you might as well be tossed into a time capsule.

 6. Having to go to the bathroom.

Don't make the mistake of having a 3PM coffee. EVER.  It is all going to hit you when you get to Landsdowne and you still have 9 more stops until a decent bathroom.

 7. No cell service for over an hour.

You snap chatted the typical weirdness on the TTC, but don't have the LTE to send it to your friends.

8. Weekend Plans take a lot more scheduling.

Figuring out how long it will take you to get to your downtown destination, and how much pre drinking you will need to do to keep your buzz on the long commute is a serious hassle.

9.  When people complain about delays, you just roll your eyes.

Seriously after already being on here for 45 minutes, another 10 won't really make a difference

10. The one person who brought Mcdonalds.

There is always that one person who got a Big Mac and fries, and they  make the whole car smell like deep-fried goodness.  Even when they get off at their stop the smell still lingers, and you're stuck craving it for the next half an hour.

11. Being tempted by Uber

You constantly open the app knowing that grabbing an Uber will cut your commute in half, but you're just not ready to give up paying only $3.25 to get home.

12. People saying "Oh, so you don't really live in Toronto"

Could you please just give us a little bit of dignity?

13.  Even after the subway, you're still not done.

You still have a bus, and a street car until your journey home is actually done. RIP you.

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