The IKEA date became iconic after Joseph-Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel's memorable scene in 500 Days of Summer. It remains one of society's quintessential dates to this day, and couples still flock to the store to play house in its grand show room.

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For the perfect IKEA date, try some of the following tips:

Don't go on a weekend

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Dates are usually more special with less people around because it makes everything more intimate. According to this infographic, the least busy times to go shopping is from Monday to Friday between 10 AM to 7 PM. Conversely, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days at the store.

Explore every inch of the showroom

IKEA is full of so many interesting things. If there's any real purpose to playing house in the showroom (other than just for the fun of it), it's to get to know your partner better. You can learn a lot about somebody based on the styles and designs they gravitate to. It tells you a little bit about what inspires them, their kind of aesthetic and how they'd like to live their life.

So get creative with each other - check out the random kitchen gadgets, posters and kids toys. Play "would you rather" with different types of furniture. Annoy each other with cheesy Swedish puns. The possibilities are endless.

Complete this scavenger hunt

One really fun thing you can do together is an IKEA-themed scavenger hunt. It gives your date a little more purpose other than just wandering around and browsing. Document your achievements through photos and videos and you'll have great memories of your date to keep with you forever.

  1. Team laying in a bed
  2. “I can’t believe we all fit in here”
  3. Someone pretending to use the toilet
  4. “I can see you all hiding”
  5. Reading a book while sitting on a Poang chair
  6. “I don’t understand how to use this item of furniture”
  7. Team pretending to have dinner
  8. Someone washing dishes
  9. “Uh-oh”
  10. How many team members does it take to change a light bulb?
  11. This item’s uuuuuggggggly
  12. Spell out Ikea using Ikea products
  13. “This artwork makes me feel so emotional”
  14. Entire team doing a catalog pose
  15. Lamp shades that make good hats
  16. “What is this meant to be?”
  17. The most awesome superhero ever
  18. Recreate a movie scene
  19. “We’re so excited about this completely boring item!”
  20. Storage not being used properly


Feast on everything at the IKEA restaurant

Probably the best part about IKEA is the cheap food. From mains like quarter chicken dinners and meatballs to tasty snacks, desserts and even beers, you can have a feast with your date without breaking your wallet.

Try all the candies in the Swedish Food Market

IKEA celebrates the Swedish tradition of Lördagsgodisor "Saturday's candies", with a bulk wall of sweet treats in each store. Mix and match your favourite candies and enjoy them together.

Come home with at least one piece of unassembled furniture

Another classic date idea involves assembling IKEA furniture together. To continue your date into a Part II, find a piece of furniture that you and your date can put together for fun!

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