When it comes to zombie preparedness, Canada is one of the best. It's been ranked the 2nd best country for surviving a zombie apocalypse, and it even has a zombie survival camp that trains its citizens how to handle The Walking Dead type of situations.

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But that's not all - Canada also has a massive nuclear fallout shelter that was built in case the world comes to an end. Known under the label Ark Two, the 10,000 square-foot facility may be the largest privately-constructed doomsday catastrophe refuge in the world. It describes itself as follows:

The Ark Two SAFE (Safe America For Everyone) Community is the largest pluralistic survival community in North America without any political, religious or cultural bias. Its purpose is to ameliorate the catastrophe of a nuclear war or other worldwide cataclysmic catastrophe and to help restore civilization... Anyone is welcome to join the Ark Two Refuge Facility, so long as they do so before the catastrophe occurs.

Ark Two was built in the 1980s in Horning's Mills, a small town 90 miles northwest of Toronto. It was initially designed to hold as many as 500 people during a nuclear event and keep them safe until it was safe to return to the surface. The shelter is fortified with impenetrable walls and is equipped with powerful diesel generators, 42 school buses, two large kitchens, full plumbing, a radio control centre and a decontamination room (see layout of shelter here). It is also maintained by a government-trained and certified Radiological Scientific Officer. 

Creator Bruce Beach welcomes all to the shelter without charging fees, so long as they contribute to the community once they get there. He stresses that the community is not a commune, and that "except in the times of catastrophe, the community remains loosely knit." In emergencies, all adults would have duties and be assigned bunks and shifts.

via @siayla

via @siayla

Ark Two was once featured in National Geographic program called Doomsday Preppers that you can watch for more information 


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