We all know the how the Toronto skyline looks at night. The CN tower next to the white roof of the Rogers Centre among the skyscrapers with all their lights on is probably the most recognizable skyline in all of Canada. 

Well last week the CN Tower went dark in solidarity to honour the victims of the Toronto van attack.    

And according to a photo posted on Reddit it looks simply incredible. 

I took a photo of the skyline when the tower went dark last week from r/toronto

A reddit user says that they snapped a photo of the city from the Toronto Islands when the lights were turned off on the tower. 

The result is that only a dark silhouette shape is left where the iconic tower is usually completely lit up at night.

People on Reddit were completely in love with the photo.  

For those wondering how they could get such a good shot of the skyline themselves the user who took the photo commented that they shot it from “just over the bridge to the east of the centre island ferry terminal.” 

As for the kind of camera they used they said “Canon 6D with the 24-105 f4L kit lens.”   

While the photo is certainly a little bit eerie Toronto clearly looks good both lit up, and in black.  

@tica_setyaembedded via  

So if you’re interested in updating the wallpaper on your computer with a new unique photo of the city this should be a serious contender!

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