Everyone has a favourite food, and it's easy to say you could eat the same food for an entire year.  But realistically, not many of us would have the willpower to actually go through with eating the same meal every day for 365 days.

However, it looks like we found somebody who actually followed through.  Reza, a Toronto man, is well on his way to completing the #OneBurgerADayChallenge which consists of consuming at least one burger every day for a year.  Due to the fact that this year was actually a leap year, Reza will have to consume 366 Burgers by the end of his challenge.  He currently has 36 more days of burgers to go, but he has no thoughts of giving up just yet. Reza has documented the entire project on his drool-worthy Instagram, which would pretty much make anybody hungry just by looking at it.

We got the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his drastic lifestyle change, and what effects it had on him!

1. What was the reason behind starting this project? And why did you choose burgers instead of any other food?

I made a New Year’s resolution as a joke to join the gym so I can afford to eat a burger every day. Over 300 days in, there is no turning back now.  I chose burgers because I can easily say, even before I started this challenge, that burgers are my favourite meal/type of food.

2. Can you describe your ideal burger using 5 words?

A classic cheeseburger with some spice.


3. Where was the first stop on your burger journey?

I was visiting my family in Dubai over New Year’s and the first stop was a food truck – SALT – an amazing slider-style burger.

4. What was the best burger you tried during your experiment?

For the longest time, Museum Tavern went uncontested but nearing the end of the journey I would say it was a tough call between that spot, Rasa and Union (on Ossington).

5. Did you ever start to get sick of eating a burger every day? How long did it take to get tired of this?

I am still not tired of eating burgers. My only issue is finding the time to go out of my way to get a burger, especially if I am trying to get a burger from outside the core of the city, during rush hour.


6. What toppings are on your dream burger?

I am a big fan of spice, so my dream burger would have to be something that has a good kick to it. In other words, I love loading up my burgers with jalapenos.

7. Were there any health effects that corresponded with your new diet? If so, what were they?

I have had no health issues. In fact, I feel better than I did last year!  Eating a burger a day has forced me to change my lifestyle.  I walk on average 6km a day, eat healthier meals when I am not eating a burger, and I stay active playing volleyball in the summer and ice hockey throughout the year.  Overall, because I have forced myself to have a healthier lifestyle outside of eating a burger every day, I have lost a total of 7 kilos since I first weighed myself in March.

8. What was your go-to side to accompany your burgers?

Fries. I occasionally get a salad on the side but I will definitely say I love some fries on the side.


9. If you were to give a Toronto restaurant a piece of advice on how to make the perfect burger, what would it be?

To me, a perfect burger has a signature flavour from the chef. Too often I go to get a burger and they ask the customer to choose what toppings they want. This forces the burger to be too generic and I feel the chef should really be deciding the flavour of the burger by preselecting the toppings.

10. So, now that your journey is over are you taking a long break from eating a burger, or are you ready to make your comeback?

As my journey comes to an end, I am definitely thinking about not eating burgers for a while but I won’t be able to avoid them for long as a ritual of mine is to enjoy a burger while watching my favorite soccer team play on the weekend.

For those of you looking for more info on Reza be sure to follow his Instagram here!

P.S. He will also be launching a website in the near future under the URL www.OneBurgerADayChallenge.com, so keep your eyes peeled!

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