Toronto is home to some of the most beautiful, and delicious restaurants in Ontario. If you're someone who appreciates a good meal, just as much as a good Instagram, then you have definitely clicked on the right article.

I have taken it upon myself to curate a list of 18 beautiful restaurants in the city.  Hopefully, a few of these match your aesthetic with the help of a couple filters!

Happy exploring Toronto! 

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1. The Commodore // 1265 Queen St W.

The commodore has endless quirky charms all over the interior of their restaurants.  From the abundance of lighting fixtures to the contrast between the dark wood and light walls, everything somehow manages to compliment one another.

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2. Quanta Basta // 1112 Yonge St.

Quanta Basta is a great mix of retro and quaint.  This adorable restaurant will provide you with impeccable lighting, and lots of knick knacks to snap a few pictures of.

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3. Wish // 3 Charles St E.

Wish is probably one of the most adorable restaurants in the city.  From the distressed wood, to the ever-changing throw pillows, you're sure to find an adorable spot to take your next candid selfie with your friends.

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4. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Bar Reyna is my aesthetic goals.  Everything about this place is on trend, and extremely photogenic.  I think it would be pretty hard to not get a perfect photo here.

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5. Piano Piano // 88 Harbord St.

Piano Piano has one of the most adorable floral exteriors I've ever seen.  Their inside is just as cute, but who can say no to baby pink stucco!?

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6. True True // 169 King St E.

If you're looking for something a little more minimalist to balance out your feed, True True is your go to spot.  They even serve their food on bright blue plates, making it the perfect place for a super vibrant flat lay.

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7. Figo // 295 Adelaide St W.

Figo is an extremely gorgeous monochromatic space, with metallic touches throughout.  They also have awesome countertops for the perfect food Instagram.

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8. Bar Raval // 505 College St.

Bar Raval is known for their beautiful wooden accents throughout the entire interior.  The whole bar is basically a work of art in itself.

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9. Cluny // 35 Tank House Lane

Cluny is a super over the top European styled restaurant, that completely makes you feel like you've stepped out of Toronto.  Their tile floors also make a great backdrop for an amazing shoe picture.

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10. Blowfish // 668 King St W.

As if Blowfish's sushi isn't beautiful enough on it's own.  This entire restaurant is decked out with amazing  lighting and awesome tabletop artwork!

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11. Colette // 550 Wellington St W.

If you're a fan of geometric shapes and clean lines, Colette's patio is basically your new dream land.  Also, how can you say no to palm leaf accents?!

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12. Pray Tell // 838 College St.

Pray tell is relatively new to the city, and completely outdid themselves with their super cute built-ins.  The greenery is also a nice touch.

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13. Maman // 100 King St W.

There is nothing I don't like about Maman. From their adorable tiled floor, to their delicate patterned wallpaper, everything pretty much screams perfection.

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14. Smith Reastraunt + Bar // 553 Church St.

Smith is a super cozy and underrated spot in the city.  Twinkle lights + exposed bricks = instant 100 likes

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15. Mean Bao // 167 Bathurst St.

Mean Bao is a super cutesy spot to grab a delicious meal.  They're subtle pops of colour and painted brick add a very homey yet chic look to any Instagram background.

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16. Patois // 794 Dundas St W.

Patois has a lot of quirky charms that will make any Instagram stand out!  Plus umbrella drinks are basically everyone's guilty pleasure.

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17. Tutti Pizzeria // 100 Bloor St W.

Tutti has a super clean and minimal look to it, that is sure to go with anyones feed.  After you're done taking the perfect picture of your manicure on their marble countertops, be sure to grab a slice of delicious pizza!

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