The first season of Real Housewives of Toronto has come and gone, and what a whirlwind it was. Expectations were high for this Canadian spin-off and the "six from the 6ix" did not dissappoint. 

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In all of the Housewives cities, it always seems like a ton of the drama goes down at restaurants. The Toronto edition was no different. From Lavelle to Kasa Moto, here are all of the restaurants we saw featured on Real Housewives of Toronto. 


Sassafraz // 100 Cumberland St,

Very fittingly, the first restaurant we see on the show is Sassafraz, a classic Yorkville spot that serves French-inspired Canadian cuisine. Ann meets her "good friend Jonathan" here to discuss her husband Stephen's health. 

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Portland Variety // 587 King St W (Ep 1)

Here, we're introduced to Joan, Jana and Grego. The 3 ladies enjoy a glass of white wine on the diner/tapas bar's patio. 

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Colette Grand Cafe // 550 Wellington St W (Ep 2)

Joan and Jana meet for brunch on the patio at this chic French cafe. They drink lattes and discuss the events of last night's party. 

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Kasa Moto // 115 Yorkville Ave (Ep 2 & 5)

Kara and her husband head to this sophisticated Japanese restaurant for a date night. A couple episodes later, it's also the spot where Kara reveals to Ann that her water accident was actually part of a revenge plan. 

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One Restaurant // 116 Yorkville Ave (Ep 2& Ep 8)

One Restaurant is a trendy Yorkville restaurant located inside the prestigious Hazleton Hotel. We first see this spot when Roxy reveals Kara's microdermabrasion gossip to Ann, thus setting off a season-long feud. Jana later goes on her blind date with Rob, who introduces himself wearing fake teeth. It's awkward AF.

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Los Colibris // 220 King St W (Ep 2)

Allegiances are drawn at a dinner party that Roxy throws at Los Colibris, an upscale Mexican restaurant on King West. The ladies drink lots of sangria and talk shit about Kara, which pretty much sums up the entire season. 

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Lavelle //  627 King St W (Ep 3)

Roxy introduces us to her "non-housewife" friends on Lavelle's rooftop patio. She proudly declares, "Lavelle is the chicest patio in the city," and honestly, she's not wrong. 

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Sotto Sotto // 120 Avenue Rd (Ep 6)

Famous for being shouted out in a Drake song, it's no surprise that the housewives also like to frequent this upscale Italian trattoria. Here, Ann proposes to her husband again. They eat a caesar salad and "fresh ontario broccoli," which I truly hope were just their appetizers. 

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Cibo Wine Bar // 522 King St W (Ep 6)

In an uneventful lunch meeting, Jana reunites with Greg Zaun, a baseball media personality at this King West Italian spot. At least the floor-to-ceiling wine walls look exciting!

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Spoke on the Water // 539 Queens Quay W (Ep 6 & 9)

After a private boat ride, the girls (minus Kara) eat at Spoke on the Water, a members only club. They marvel over the eggplant. Grego also throws her husband's birthday party here.

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 Patria // 478 King St W (Ep 7)

This Spanish tapas hot spot is the site of yet another dramatic dinner party. The ladies dresh in Spanish fashion and Joan confronts Kara for about "talking shit" about her. 

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L'unita // 134 Avenue Road (Ep 8)

L'unita is a rustic Italian restaurant where Kara and her husband Graham go to celebrate 22 years of marriage. They order the braised lamb gnocchi and grilled branzino - yum. At this dinner, Kara tells us she "loves to make her husband cry" which isn't surprising because she's awful. Meanwhile, her husband bought her the Celine trifold, which has a huge wait list in North America. Poor guy. 

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Little Anthony's // 121 Richmond St W (Ep 8)

After their trip to Barcelona, Ann and Joan meet at this classic Italian restaurant. For some reason, Joan comes in with a basket full of vegetables from her garden, which Ann finds oddly touching. 

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Gusto 101 // 101 Portland Ave (Ep 9)

Kara and Joan meet at this Fashion District Italian spot for a verrrry uncomfortable lunch. They discuss that Kara has been "trash talking" and that Joan didn't buy a table for Kara's charity dinner. Yikes! 

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Rosewater Supper Club // 19 Toronto St (Ep 10)

The confrontation to end all confrontations! All of the women get together int he hopes of getting Joan an apology, but it's Roxy who goes on the offensive. I don't actually think there's any evidence that there was food at this lunch.  

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