Ontario is home to amazing beaches and little pockets of nature along the Great Lakes. One Toronto area man, Jake Tobin is a self-proclaimed park nerd. To celebrate his recent birthday he decided to go for a walk and stumbled upon something amazing. 

After walking for 12 km, Tobin came across his own little secret beach in Scarborough. 

Tobin shared the whole adventure on his Twitter account. Despite it being the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful summer day, he had the entire waterfront paradise to himself. 

The sandy beach had the perfect mix of sun and shade to ensure that it is the ideal temperature for beaching it up with clean, blue waters. 

Tobin also came across a ravine in his walk, with a picnic table for a mid-walk snack, a cool looking bridge, and even some classic Toronto street art. 

The best thing about Tobin's secret beach is that it is easier to get to than people might think. Despite the 12 km walk, Tobin said the beach is easily accessible by paved paths and you can even take Go Transit to Guildwood to Rouge Hill station to get there.

Tobin's walk took him along Scarborough's Morningside Park Trail, through Highland Creek Ravine, and ending at the waterfront on Lake Ontario. 

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