I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for essentially being your true thirsty self.  You're always there for me during the 8 AM hungover mimosa, the 5 PM after work bottle of wine, and the undisclosed amount of vodka that Friday nights entail.  You've always got my back, my pinot grigio, and my hair when I've had just a little bit too much to drink.  And for that, you are my guardian angel and worst influence wrapped in one.

You've taught me that I can do things I never knew I was capable of.  Whether that be telling off an ex via angry voice mail (or 5), or taking that last swig of tequila that has been sitting in the bottom of the bottle since my 19th birthday.  A good friend knows your full potential, but a great friend pushes you to reach it, and you've done just that.

Thank you for your (somewhat offensive) honesty.  You've let me know when I've had disgusting drunk eyes in group photos, and you've consoled me when I spilled rosé on my white romper.  You've always let me know when I looked like a sloppy mess, or when I've asked the Uber driver 1 too many questions about his children's homeschooling, and for that I am thankful.

I'm so glad to have someone to fight the uphill battle of casual beverages with me.  I know we don't fully understand that "casual" does not technically mean 4 pitchers worth of Sangria, but it's nice to know that I'm not in this struggle alone.

Thank you for teaching me how to be financially responsible, especially when I'm in the liquor store.  You've shown me the glorious world of 2L bottles and boxed wine, which has essentially left me with more money to buy shots at the bar.  You're my constant reminder that bar rail is always cheapest, which has kept me grounded.

So all in all, thanks for everything.  You're there when I need to have a drunken rant, and you're there for the reality check that ensues when the hangover makes an appearance.  Thank you for keeping me sane, and seeing me at a little less than sane.

Love you more than pinot noir. 

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