Dear Mom/Dad, 

You've put up with a lot, and by a lot, I mean double the amount of parenting you should have ever had to endure.  I know you'll always say that you loved it, but let's be real, I don't think you loved it when you had to play good cop and bad cop while I was having a serious meltdown in the middle of a shopping mall. Regardless, I know parenting is tough, and I applaud you for doing it all on your own.

You've taught me to never take shit from anyone. You were able to take on the roles of two pivotal people in a child's life and that in itself is extremely admirable. Seeing you constantly succeed in places people never thought you would is inspiring, and still is to this day.  Thank you for showing me that I should never let other people's limitations define me because more often than not I'll be able to surpass them, just like you were able to.

You alway put me first, which taught me so much about compassion and nurturing. No matter how tired, frustrated and overworked you were you, you always made sure to spend time with me and make sure I always felt loved.

Thanks for putting up with me even when I knew I was being unbearable.  I'm not really sure how you dealt with the terrible twos and my hormonal/awful teen years all by yourself.  Thank you for not completely giving up on me when I claimed that you were the worst parent ever because clearly  I just didn't appreciate everything you did for me.  Please note that I'll never be as angsty and spazzy as I was when I was 17, I promise.

Now that I'm older and I can fully appreciate every sacrifice you have made, and will probably continue to make for me.  Thanks for being both my mom and my dad, even when you didn't think you could handle it. You gave me the perfect childhood even when all odds were aginst you, and I think sometimes you need to be reminded of that.

I hope that one day I can be half the parent you are.  Love you!

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