Let's be real, everyone has had those nights where the thought of drunk food is the only reason you got out of bed and away from Netflix.  There is something about a grease covered pizza, or a soggy poutine that makes every drunken decision okay.  Who cares that you fell down the stairs leaving the club?  You're about to devour a late night burrito, and you won't bruise until the next morning!

When it comes to drunk food every school has their signature go-to.  This is a list of quality drunk food sorted by Ontario University.  Once September rolls around make sure to try out a few of these places. Calories don't count when you're drunk, right?

1. Guelph // Pierres Poutine

Guelph just gets it.  Poutine is one part cheese and one part fries, there is literally no room for error.

Honourable mentions: Smokes, Fat Baster Burrito Co and Double Dragon

2. Laurier // Pizza Maniac

If you go to Laurier 9/10 times you will end your night at Pizza Maniac.  Nobody can say no to cheap and delicious pizza at 3AM.

Honourable mentions: Frites, Smokes, Morty's and Burrito Boyz

3. Mac // Basilique

If you go to Mac there is a very good chance that most of your Friday night snapchat stories end with a picture of their pizza.  We get it, it's a beautiful thing.

Honourable mentions: Tally Ho and Lava Pizza n Wings

4. Western // King Richie's

I think we are all starting to see a trend here, drunk people like pizza.  Let's be real though, this pizza from King Richie's looks incredible, and my future drunk self is drooling.

Honourable mentions: Burger Burger

5. York // Falafel Hut

Falafels are 100% the most underrated drunk food.  York students know that devouring one of these bad boys before heading home is pretty much essential.

Honourable mentions: Oishi Sushi

6. Queens // Mr. Donair

Honestly, I'm not surprised that this is what Queens drunk food looks like.  Pretty much everything from Queens (school hoodies, campus, students, drunk food) are all aesthetically pleasing. Stop being so perfect.

Honourable mentions: Bubba's

7. Ottawa // Elgin Street Diner

It seems like Ottawa U students seriously have drunk food figured out.  Elgin street Diner has a huge menu, is open late, and gives very generous portions.

Photo cred -@zaksdiner

8. Carleton // Zak's

This picture alone makes me want to visit my friends at Carelton.  The hash-browns look like small pieces of gold that have been sent from heaven. Bless up.

9. Brock // Mossimos Pizza

If you went to Brock, you have probably stumbled into Mossimos Pizza once or twice. You also may have been kicked out because you passed out on the table, but we don't judge.

Honourable mentions: You Need A Pita

10. U of T // Sneaky Dee's

Sneaky Dee's nachos make me emotional. The melted cheese, the mountain of chips, the dollop of guac resting on top.  Truly a work of art!

Honourable mentions: Big Fat Burrito and Smokes

11. Ryerson // The Big Slice

The Big Slice is a classic.  If you go to Ryerson, or like to party with people from Ryerson, be sure to hit up The Big Slice! There is a very good chance it will be the best part of your entire night.

12. McGill // La Belle Province

I think McGill wins the award for least greasy drunk food option.  Congrats guys!

Honourable mentions: Boustan

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