Photo cred - @Jayscale

Instagram has more than established itself as THE social media to be on. 2014 has, so far, seen more than 7.3 million daily users on the beyond popular app and 200 million monthly users- that is insanity! It would be pretty impossible to see everything and follow everyone so I did you a solid and narrowed it down to some of our city's best.

User: @Mattshr

Theme: Super cool portraits and hidden treasures across downtown Toronto (sometimes you even get to vicariously live out some pretty rad travels.)

Posts: 261

Followers: 35,000

User: @ Edwardrow

Theme: A showcase of Toronto in a new, subtler way.

Posts: 729

Followers: 35,000

User: @Jayscale

Theme: Some seriously incredible high up shots of the city.

Posts: 309

Followers: 10,000

User: @Visionelie

Theme: A little bit of everything across the city, portraits, landscapes, cars and food; nothing is off limits.

Posts: 354

Followers: 26,000

User: @Tilore

Theme: Toronto, travel and an unbelievable use of light across the city.

Posts: 581

Followers: 4157

User: @Themelodyh

Theme: Beautiful and bright photos from a Swiss fashion designer living in Toronto.

Posts: 1391

Followers: 38,000

User: @gabrielahansolo

Theme: A fresh and girly view of the city.

Posts: 446

Followers: 29,000

User: @mvijv

Theme: This girl has got Toronto street style on lock down.

Posts: 259

Followers: 985

User: @yourgirlmax

Theme: A pretty girl in a pretty city.

Posts: 446

Followers: 2145

User: @Soteeoh

Theme: Seriously, I cannot believe we live in a city that can look this beautiful so consistently.

Posts: 1450

Followers: 25,000

User: @StreetartinToronto

Theme: Just as the name suggests.

Posts: 1450

Followers: 4122

User: @VanessaCesario_

Theme: This is one for all the Toronto fashion lovers.

Posts: 458

Followers: 7978

User: @TasteToronto

Theme: All the Toronto noms.

Posts: 468

Followers: 71,000

User: @FoodtrucksTO

Theme: All the Toronto noms on wheels.

Posts: 386

Followers: 4767

User: @Mellymadeit

Theme: Even more Toronto eats, because yum.

Posts: 2195

Followers: 374

User: @kyeMack

Theme: Basically, what it's like to be really cool in a great city.

Posts: 203

Followers: 895

User: @Tonoariki

Theme: Shapes, lines and crazy different perspectives of familiar places.

Posts: 810

Followers: 61, 000

User: @Normster

Theme: Awesome shots of all your favourite Toronto things, landscape, TTC, puppies and bicycles.

Posts: 1502

Followers: 45,000

User: @TorontoBlueJay

Theme: Contrary to its name, nothing to do with the baseball team but mind-blowing photography nonetheless.

Posts: 1578

Followers: 11,000

User: @PunkoDelish

Theme: Toronto in all its colourful and Canadian glory.

Posts: 1232

Followers: 334,000

User: @Chromewaves

Theme: If you're like me and have serious FOMO when it comes to concerts in Toronto, definitely a must follow.

Posts: 419

Followers: 841

User: @FreshCanteen

Theme: A delectable display of fresh ingredients that you can order directly to your house, but I am going to go ahead and bet you cannot make them look half as pretty.

Posts: 424

Followers: 1023

User: @BarChefToronto

Theme: Who knew that drinks were so photogenic? Best part is you can visit the cocktail bar on Queen St W to get one for yourself.

Posts: 168

Followers: 1396

User: @bakerbotsbaking

Theme: Baked goods from all across Toronto and outside the city photographed by the owners of a bakery near Ossington, Baker Bots.

Posts: 187

Followers: 2506

User: @JasonFitzzz

Theme: A wide range of colourful locations across the city, outside of the typical locations you might expect.

Posts: 1255

Followers: 27,000

User: @tahaphoto

Theme: A must follow account for anyone who appreciates the picturesque value of Toronto. The photography on this account is pretty minimally edited and still beautiful.

Posts: 1,620

Followers: 31, 566

User: @Stilez

Theme: An unreal capturing of the urban jungle that is our city, some great live music coverage and whole lot of incredible colors and lighting.

Posts: 882

Followers: 2, 311

User: @daniirey

Theme: Colourful and flirty fashion instagrams featuring enviable daily activities and lots of appearances by a super cute puppy pal.

Posts: 184

Followers: 2,492

User: @buzzbuzzhome

Theme: This one has a bit of a different underlying theme to it: Construction. I know what you're thinking, everyone effing hates construction but these shots are going to teach you to appreciate it, I promise!

Posts: 848

Followers: 2, 930

User: @Jennifer_cee

Theme: An unconventional fashion instagram account complete with strange and quirky angles and locations.

Posts: 179

Followers: 2, 929

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