Canada has a reputation around the world for having some brutally cold and snowy winters. Although that's not necessarily true in all parts of Canada, the East Coast is known to have some pretty brutal winters. So it's not surprising that one Australian Redditor, who just moved to Toronto, recently said that she is "lowkey terrified" of what's to come in the winter. 

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Reddit user letsallgotothe_lobby posted on Reddit yesterday, "I just moved to Toronto from Australia and I am low-key terrified of the winter to come. Does anyone have any tips?? Anything is appreciated." They concluded their post with this gold nugget, "Thanks in advance. F*CK."

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The Toronto Reddit community, fortunately, came to the rescue and eased some of their worries for the winter. They gave some of their best tips for braving the winters in TO. There's a wide mix of helpful, hilarious and just straight up brutal and savage comments in the Reddit thread

One Reddit user, IGnuGnat, commented, "Keep in mind that if you get trapped somewhere in Northern Ontario, in the cold, you can get frostbite, hypothermia, and die." Doesn't that lowkey remind you of a certain scene from Mean Girls? "Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die," said Coach Carr in Mean Girls, circa 2004.

On a more serious note though, the Reddit user commented, "You do not go exploring up North, without people with you who know the area or are familiar with Canadian winters. Hypothermia makes you delirious and at some point, you start to feel very warm; this is where people start shedding clothes, wander randomly, get lost and die."

Many took the opportunity to call out all those Canada Goose wearers in Toronto. "Do NOT buy a Canadian Goose down jacket or other -30°C jacket and boots. Not needed in Toronto. Don't panic," commented Reddit user i_donno. Another, Reddit user CoffeeAndCanCon, commented "Canada Goose jackets outside of the far north are absolutely comical to me. They're overkill." 

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One went so far as to shut down the Australian's fears. "Suck it up sunshine. Be an adult. Learn how to warm and cool yourself as necessary. We aren't your parents," commented one Reddit user. Brutal or what? 

But overall Canadians were friendly as they are and there were some actually helpful tips as well. You can peruse through all of them on the Reddit thread here. Check out more of the advice and comments from Redditors below! 

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

Via Screenshot | Reddit

We wish you the best in braving the Toronto winters, Torontonians and Reddit user letsallgotothe_lobby! For now, just enjoy the summer weather that has taken over Toronto. 

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