Toronto is Drake’s hometown, and his cheer squad: we LOVE him. So why not find every way possible to appreciate him, right?

Everyone has good weeks and bad weeks, even Aubrey himself, so let’s see how he would narrate the days of the week through his songs. It’s really never a bad time for Drizzy, EVER. Take a step back and try to imagine what life would be like with a Drake soundtrack (besides absolutely AMAZING), as if we don't do this already.

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Monday – Hold On We’re Going Home

Ugh. Monday’s are the longest and most tiring day, and way too far from Friday. Is it over yet? Just hold on, we’re going home. It’s hard to do these things alone…

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Tuesday – Furthest Thing

We’re still days away from the weekend, the furthest thing from perfect. But we’re persisting! Everyone just wait now, so much on my plate now.

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Wednesday – Know Yourself

It’s mid-week, you’re totally busy and swamped with work! Enough is enough, we're ready for a break. Running through the six with my woes? Literally.

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Thursday – We’ll Be Fine

Will we? We will. It’s thirsty Thursday, it’s practically Friday, and you survived the whole week. Still so young that I ain't had enough of nothing, like, you know, work…school......

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Friday – Best I Ever Had

FRIDAY, you’re my everything, you’re all I ever wanted. I’m so happy you’ve arrived, we missed you and all your glory so much. Welcome back, the weekend is here to stay for three entire days and we’re shouting it from the rooftops. I say the same thing every single time, you’re the fucking best.

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Saturday – Worst Behavior

Duh. It’s Saturday and you have every excuse to get rowdy. Grab your squad, pour some drinks, and get on your worst behaviour. Do it look like we stressin’?­

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Sunday – Take Care

Sigh, how is the week over already? We were having so much fun. Sunday is always here to take care of us though. They won’t get you like I will, Sunday. But if I’m honest, a week in reflection is never as bad as you thought, so I oddly can’t wait for Monday again. Can’t deny that I want you, but I’ll lie if I have to. ;)

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