The rent in Toronto is too damn high! And that's not even including the hydro. When it comes to your hydro bill, there's really no way around it...until now.

Tesla has launched a device called Powerwall that will retail at $3500, who's function will be to generate electricity using solar panel and powers your home so that you can finally be independent from the power companies. Even if you use too much electricity for the Powerwall to handle, you’ll only be paying low evening rates.

As a bonus the Powerwall stores excess energy for emergencies so when the power goes out circa ice storm 2012, your home will be using battery power instead.


Photo cred – teslamotors

The devices are supposed to start shipping soon and you can reserve yours here. It consists of a solar panel, a power inverted as well as a battery to store extra energy.

Check out Tesla’s website fore more information.

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