Gilmore Girls fans get excited because Luke’s Diner is coming to life in coffee shops across the U.S. and Canada. The show is set for a 4-episode revival on Netflix and they are going all out on the promo.

They will be converting about 250 cafes into the series' ultra-recognizable dining spot, Luke's Diner.  Canada will be getting 5 of these pop-ups and 4 will be conveniently located in Toronto! (Dw, Vancouver you get 1 too). Here are the locations:

The Rolling Pin 3429 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4N 2N1

Infuse Cafe 354 Youge St., Toronto, ON M5B 1S5

Infuse Cafe 1000 Gerrard St. E, Toronto, ON M4M 3G6

Milano Espresso Bar 266 Adelaide St. W, Unit 2, Toronto, ON, M4K 3E6

This will be taking place October 5th which coincides with the 16th anniversary of the series' original pilot air date. The revival episodes will be coming out just a few weeks later on November 25th and are titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.  So what will you be able to get at Luke's Diner? Netflix says the shops will have "all the Luke’s Diner essentials" including branded aprons and T-shirts as well as FREE COFFEE! That's enough incentive for us to take a step into Stars Hallow, what about you?

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