Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Tiana, Aurora...The list of these perfect character can go on and on. Growing up, we all watched Disney movies with these lovely princesses and you cannot lie, you've dreamed of being one too. The looks, the love, the animal friends, the magic and of course Prince Charming are all contributing factors as to why you idolized these fabricated characters.

Speak well, hold a proper posture, be kind-  a Princess's life isn't that easy. Always smile, talk in the voice similar to that of your character, have your make up and uniform done to spec. There are several rules set for those individuals who are interested in being a princess at Disney World's theme park.

A former Snow White from Orlando's park, disclosed all the requirements for being a Disney Princess on Reddit. Are you tired of your boring office job? Perhaps you should consider making your childhood dreams come true and become a Disney Princess. However, before you make that drastic decision and tell your boss to go ... himself,  make sure you fit the following criteria:

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1. You must have similar features.

Fair skin, bright lips, full eyebrows... Every Disney Princess has her own distinctive facial features. Ariel has big bright eyes, Jasmine has thicker eyebrows,Tiana has high cheek bones. You must have similar features to whichever Disney Princess you're auditioning to be. Let's just put it this way, you have to be a Princess Look-A-Like.


2. You'll go through 5 days of training.

Before you start the real gig, you'll have to go through 5 days of training. These consist of  studying the film intensively, perfecting the dance moves and language of the princess you were chosen to work as.

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3. You'll have to do your own make up.

If you're chosen, Disney will provide you with makeup and give you a brief make up tutorial, but you'll have to recreate the princess look to spec on your own every time you go to work!

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4. You have to perfect the Princess signature.

You're handwriting skills have to be on point! Disney Princesses give out several autographs per day at the park, that's why it's important to perfect the princess signature.

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5. The maximum age limit is 30.

As a Disney Princess, you cannot be older than 30. The most common age for a princess ranges between 18 - 23, but  the number barely ever reaches the late 20's mark.

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6.  Know your Disney film off by heart.

As a Disney Princess you must be able to quote the movie from start to finish without a problem. You'll need to know the film off by heart to get through the audition in the first place and to play the role as realistically as possible for the children!

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7. And learn how to act and respond like a Princess to any given situation.

 Improvisation is crucial as a Disney Princess. Whether you use a particular quote, scenario or have a response which relates to a recognizable symbol in the film, you must respond just like your character wouldAt times you may have to think really fast because the unexpected is bound to happen! What would you say if a girl asked, "are those your boobs?"

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8. You have to be patient.

 It takes about an hour to put the entire look together, from painting your face to squeezing on the princess dress. Then you have to stand around the park and smile from 8 am on a daily basis, to take pictures with children that may pull on your hair.

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9. There are height requirements.

 The height of a Disney Princess's height should range between 5'4 - 5'7. However for fairies such as a Tinkerbell and characters like Alice and Wendy, the ladies must be more petite, approximately between 4'11 and 5'2.

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10. No visible tattoos.

Good luck getting a role as Ariel if you've got sleeves. No Disney Princesses have tattoos and body art does match the criteria.

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11. There are a lot of rules.

Don't sit, always smile, no social media. The list of rules can go on and on. Princesses have to act "proper", therefore as an employee with this position you're expected to maintain this image and act a certain way.

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