For those of you who are vehicle owners, you are well aware how expensive it is to have a car. Car payments, insurance costs and fuel spendings add up all together, consequently taking out plenty of numbers from your bank account.

First of all, auto insurance in Canada is the complete money killer. There are both public and private run insurance programs across Canada, depending on each province. Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia rely on provincial coverage, whereas other provinces are insured by private organizations. Generally speaking, private insurance companies provide the most affordable rates for vehicle operators, but prices may vary based on other factors.

For example, even though Ontario insurance rates are provides by private companies, yet the prices are the highest in this province because of the high fraud rates and traffic on Ontario roads. For your information, this article will include a list of provinces with the lowest to highest insurance spendings per year. On the other hand, Quebec's insurance is also provided with rates by private companies, but the rates are super low because the insurance regulations aren't as strict and the province limits the public insurer to body injury claims only.

 I have also included the average cost for gas that are calculated based on a 50 L tank ( because an average tank size is 40 - 60 L.) in order to determine which province has the most affordable gas prices, which is a a great contributing factor for car spendings.

It's hard to determine how much a person spends on a car all together, disregarding gas and insurance costs because some people drive more than others, then there are individuals who lease vehicles, finance or buy cars for cash. Therefore for this article, I have calculated  the average amount of money, people spend on vehicles in every province using statistics for average annual insurance costs and fuel costs for only 1 full tank in order to determine where is the cheapest place in Canada to own a vehicle:

Sources: Lowest Rates,  Gas Buddy 

1. Quebec // $698.00

Auto Insurance: $642.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $56.00

2. Prince Edward Island // $749.00

Auto Insurance: $695.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $54.00

3. New Brunswick // $781.00

Auto Insurance: $728.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $53.00

4. Nova Scotia // $790.00

Auto Insurance: $736.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $54.00

5. Newfoundland & Labrador // $814.00

Auto Insurance: $749.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $65.00

6. Alberta // $1048.00

Auto Insurance: $1,004.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $44.00

7. Manitoba // $ 1071.00

Auto Insurance: $ 1,027.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $44.00

8. Saskatchewan // $ 1095.00

Auto Insurance: $ 1,049.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank:: $46.00

9. British Columbia // $ 1,170.00

Auto Insurance: $ 1,113.00

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $57.00

10. Ontario // $1,332.00

Auto Insurance: $ 1,281

Fuel Cost for every 50 L tank: $51.00

So who's moving to Quebec? 

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