To get away from another set of twenty questions I’ll just say this. To me, showing a singular body type when talking about body positivity isn’t closing the gap between a “right and wrong” body but making it larger. To me, it just seems like the equivalent of someone saying; look how different they are from the image we produce, yet look how happy they are! Good for them! They aren’t meeting the standard that society produces and they are still happy wahoo! So even though they don’t look like the standard, they are celebrating their bodies and that is seen as a good thing. Which it is of course!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with people celebrating bodies (see above “will tattoo I LOVE BODIES on my face”), it’s the way we are celebrating the fact that people who stem away from a standard body type are happy; because it implies there is a standard that people have to meet.

So instead of pulling a Socrates and asking a million more questions all I want to ask is one. Why is there a “standard” body? If we learned to celebrate every body regardless of if it’s meets this “standard” or not, regardless if this body was tall, plump, skinny, curvy, big boned, lanky or reminiscent of a young Leonardo Dicaprio (swoon)- let’s just celebrate it. Flaunt your body like a brand new oscar (again, yay leo) and let’s push ALL bodies to be shown as body positive. Because just as wrong as it is to say there is one body type being shown in the media, it seems just as wrong to say there is one body you should be happy with.

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