Alright, rapid-fire question: what's the best way to cure a hangover caused by too many drinks at the bar last night? Well, having another drink the morning after, of course!

According to world-renowned UK chef Fergus Henderson, the best cure for your hangover is something you likely never even thought of, but as an infamous drinker himself, Henderson swears by this recipe his father passed down to him many years ago. Simply mix 2 parts Fernet-Branca with 1 part Crème de Menthe and add ice to create the drink to cure your ailments, aptly named Dr. Henderson.

Fernet-Branca, an Italian liqueur, is often considered an acquired taste due to its bitter flavor, but Chef Henderson earnestly vouches for its magical hangover powers. So what's so magically healing about it? Well, it's rumoured to have a mix of anywhere from 20 to 40 herbs, which also make the minty liqueur good for indigestion. It's a general consensus among many chefs and bartenders alike that Fernet-Branca is considered the ideal drink to settle your stomach after a massive meal (and oh hey, by the way, Thanksgiving dinner is fast approaching... just saying).

Just remember: don't overdo it - one glass of this powerful stuff is all you need!

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