According to the Toronto Star, Toronto rent has reached an all time high average of $2,000 a month. Though if you have been in the market for a place or bought somewhere in the city in the past few years, you probably were already aware of the city's outrageous prices that continue to get hiked up annually.

You'd be lying if you said you didn't wonder about moving somewhere where rent wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. If you've ever been curious about what your typical rent would snag you in different cities around the world, you're in luck! We've compiled some of the biggest cities to show the good, the bad and the ugly in what the international housing market has in store for Torontonians!

London, England

Beds: 1

Baths: 1

Rent: $1,971 a month

Who wouldn't want to fly overseas and live in England? Europe is a gorgeous place to live with spots like Spain and Paris being just a short train ride away! You can find this 1 bedroom flat in Torrington Park which is in the North Finchley area of London. Though if you are looking for something more central in Westminster, you are going to have to a buck up a lot more per month, or consider getting a roommate. Considering North Finchley is a little under an hour outside of Central London while still carrying the rent price of a downtown Toronto apartment!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Beds:  1

Baths: 1

Rent: $38 a year

Nope, that's not a typo. While Dubai is one of the most expensive places to live, this spot surprisingly will only cost you 110 AED yearly, which converts to a ridiculously low $38 Canadian dollars. Don't think you'll be getting the butt end of apartments either if you grab this spot. Considering they offer private jacuzzis, a massive pool, balcony, walk in closets and a gym! Plus that overview of the city from the pool area looks absolutely incredible! Now don't get too excited abou Dubai because according to Property Finder's infographic - the average rent in Dubai is 110,000 AED/ year (aka 38,550 CAD) for 956 Sqft.

Tokyo, Japan

Beds:  Studio

Baths: 1

Rent: $1994 a month

Tokyo may not be everybody's cup of tea, but there's no denying that the city is absolutely incredible. Unfortunately if you were ever looking to move there, culture shock is the least of your concerns. With Tokyo being a city desired by many across the globe, it comes with some insanely steep rent prices. Take this studio for example which runs you the average monthly rent of a Toronto property that at least has a separate bedroom and bathroom!

Los Angeles, California

Beds:  1

Baths: 1

Rent: $1928 a month

While you at least get a separate bed, bath and kitchen in the city of stars, don't except anything Hollywood calibre if you are arriving to the city planning to spend as much as you would on a Toronto spot. While this apartment has a great view of the Hollywood sign, that's about all this spot has going for it. From the cramped and dated kitchen to the extremely suspect carpeted floors in the bedroom... this space definitely isn't what everyone imagines living in when they make the big move to LA.

New York City, New York

Beds:  1

Baths: 1

Rent: $1902 a month

I had made the initial mistake of browsing NYC renting sites without keeping in mind how terrible the Canadian dollar was and being floored by how nice the apartments were. As soon as I went to convert the cost of one of the spots, it didn't take long for me to realize I was going to have to lower my budget and expectations. It's pretty obvious that this place is probably far from what you have imagined yourself moving into if you made the move to the big apple. How people used to find wood tile and rounded arch doorways attractive design way still concerns me to this day.

Dallas, Texas

Beds:  1

Baths: 1

Rent: $1600 a month

If you were ever looking to save some money and get a good deal, moving to Texas would probably be your wisest choice. This gorgeous rent property which would probably cost you an arm and a leg in Toronto will only run you $1600 a month! From the gorgeous poolside to other amnesties like a sun deck, rooftop lounge and pet lounge and spa, this place has a ton of bang for your buck. Though of course this does involve moving to Texas...

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