"People who obtain a post secondary education will make more money than someone who only has a high school diploma", that is one of the greatest overstatements made by human kind. Of course there are certain careers that will guarantee a high paying job with a bachelors or masters degree. However, there are also several jobs available that will allow you to make good money with just having a high school diploma and a couple of certificates.

Everyone has different learning strategies. Some are school smart, others are street smart. Institutions can give you a great education but sometimes real life experience can do the exact same thing. Don't feel hopeless if you're struggling with your academic career because there are other options available to make good money! Take a look at these 8 high paying jobs in Toronto that do not require a bachelor's degree:

1. TTC Operator // $29,529 – $63,480

Transit drivers in Toronto are required to have a high school diploma, a clean driving record and proper training with transit vehicles. All TTC drivers will start off  making $24.06 an hour and after 24 months their pay will increase to $31.40 per hour. This job is very stable and is suitable for those who don't mind working night,split, weekend and holiday shifts.

2. Web Developer // $35,103 - $68,167 (can increase to 100k )

If your hooked on computers and technology, consider transforming your interest into a career. Most people who become web developers are self-educated, therefore several companies don't inquire for a university/college degree.

3. Realtor // $24,312 - $102,773

 Real estate agents are capable of making a lot of money. It all depends on their desire to work and how much they work. Many realtors work part time in Toronto, therefore the average annual pay is estimated at $49,682 per year.  However, if they are 100% dedicated to their sales and clients, realtors can easily make up to 100k.  A high school diploma, real estate training certificate and a provincial territorial license are requirements.

4. Plumber // $34,403 - $82,766

Plumbers are known to have high paying salaries without a college/university degree because experience matters more then a degree. However a high school diploma, trade certificate and an apprenticeship program are required in order to work. A plumber on average will make $27.62 per hour.

5. Bartender // $60,000 -  $100,000

An average pay of a bartender is hard to establish because they live off their tips. The government will never find out how much a bartender makes exactly (no one declares all their tips) but they can potentially make up to 100k per year. If you're looking to save up some money and pay off your loans, consider a part time career as a bartender.

6. Radiation Therapist // $44,905 - $85,788

A radiation therapist on average will make $51 K.  A bachelors degree is not required, but according to Job Bank Canada a two/ three college program, hospital or an alternative certified program in diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine technology or radiation therapy  is necessary. A certification by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists and a licensure with a regulatory body  is also required.

7. Air traffic controller//  $38,213 - $146,983

Being an air traffic controller is not an easy job because it comes with a lot of responsibility. A high school diploma, radio telephone operator's licence, air traffic controller's licence and a a NAV Canada training certificate are required.  The average pay of an air traffic controller is $77 k

8. Fire Chief // $50,507 - $149,435

An average salary for a fire chief is $85k. Of course it will time and experience to score a chief position in the fire department but the hard work will pay off. Make your childhood dreams a reality and become the fire fighter you always wanted to be. Some fire chiefs can make up to 150k per year, all you need is a high school and a provincial/municipal firefighters training certificate.

Sources: Job Bank Canada, Workopolis  

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