Well, the holidays are officially over which means the engagement shoot photos and "I said yes" hand pics are bound to start taking over your social media.  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for all my friend who have found someone they can tolerate enough to want to split bills with, and pop each other's back pimples for the rest of their lives.  But every time another friend makes their "big announcement" I start feeling more and more like my life goal of being able to afford my dream dog is just not matching up to the rest of my peer's life ambitions.

But I've realized that some people want 5 kids and a white picket fence by the time they're 30, and other's want to fully get a handle on how much wine makes them black out and how many free samples they can ask for at Sephora before looking pathetic.  Wherever you're at, you keep doing you.  I will cry at your wedding, come to your kids first birthday party, and help you pick out an outfit to meet your new in-laws, but I'm not saying I won't have a mimosa in hand at all times.

If you're starting to realize that your girl gang is getting smaller and smaller due to engagements and weddings, here are the steps you'll need to follow to keep your sanity.

1. Drink all the wine, always.

Wine is always the right answer, and even if it's not, it will definitely seem like it at some point in time.

2. Enjoy being single/seeing somebody/being in a casual relationship/texting somebody when you're drunk and then sleeping with them.

Never feel pressured to take a premature relationship to the next level just because all your friends are reaching new phases in their own relationships.  If you just need somebody to text you "u up?" at 3 am, you keep that going!  And if you need somebody to go to brunch with on Sunday mornings and cuddle with when you're on your period, you keep that going too!

3. Don't be an asshole because another person's priorities are different from yours.

Look, some people want to get married and have kids, and some people want to get a promotion and travel.  Relax, it's not your life, and if your friend is getting married you better be telling her that she's going to have the cutest kids ever and will look hot AF in her dress.  If she's happy, it's your job to be happy for her as well.

4. Block everything that makes you upset on your timeline.

It's totally fine to filter things out of your newsfeed that make you feel insecure.  If it's really bothering you to that your grade 9 boyfriend of 2 months is engaged, feel free to hide his posts from your timeline, he will never know!

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5. Always cheers to the fact that you don't have in-laws.

And then do it again because wine. If you're confused please see point #1.

6. Remember that you can just GTFO whenever you want.

Last minute trip to Cuba with your best friend from high school? Yeah, sure.  Remember that once you're engaged you'll need to stick to a wedding budget, book times to visit venues, and have dress fittings etc.  When you're single or even just dating somebody you have the leeway to go on random trips, eat whatever you want, and spend your money a little less wisely, enjoy that while you still can!

7. Cherish your alone time.

Sometimes there is nothing better than watching 7 episodes of Broad City in a row while examining all the blackheads on your nose strip,  especially when there is nobody around to witness you pulling a piece of cereal out of your cleavage.  That's what life is all about right?!

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